Nothing Gets Done In America

Have you noticed the inflection in the voice, the lowered tone coupled with a downturn of the eyes? News anchors spend hours in front of the bathroom mirror practicing that somber look, the dirge-like vocal that’s always a precursor to really bad news.

It’s needed frequently in America. Never an NBC Nightly News goes past that some great, catastrophic, news story isn’t preceded by the bathroom mirror look, and a practiced flickering of lashes as ace anchorman Brian Williams swiftly lowers the eyelids.

Tonight it was a re-run. You know the one. Gunmen runs amok, kills many, turns gun on himself. No, it wasn’t a school this time. For a bit of variety the loony with the shooter chose a mall in Nebraska, brimming with Christmas shoppers.

What a juicy story for the media. All those fear-crazed shoppers dashing hither and thither, screaming and shouting, then daring to whine and winge just ’cause it happened.

Don’t come crying to me, dear. When was the last time you voted for gun control?

That’s why the somber look and the elegiacal voice are so important. The American news just wouldn’t be the same without them. After all, if anyone actually did anything about the shooting sprees embarked on by pre-pubescent, weapon-toting morons, who probably were buying guns at the local Wal-Mart long before they were old enough to vote, like – for example – pressuring those somnolent old farts snoozing their lives away in the comfortable leather armchairs on Capital Hill to introduce something loosely called “gun control”, all that contorting and head-bowing in front of the bathroom mirror would be a waste of time, now wouldn’t it?

Americans love to whine. They make an art-form of it. By now, you’d think they’d be used to shopping at malls frequented by psychotic killers; schools regularly carved up by teen students put out by low grades, or gas stations targeted by ex-military snipers suffering depression due to a lack of mother’s breast milk.

But, obviously, they’re not. They still whine and complain everytime it happens, then immediately rush out to vote for their local NRA candidate.

Consequently, nothing ever gets done.

Let’s look at today’s NBC Nightly News in detail. After the Nebraska shooting came the ongoing story of flooding in the American West. Had this excess of water arrived a couple of weeks earlier, it may have helped put out the forest fires that ravaged California through November. But it didn’t. Nature is rarely that obliging, particularly when both fire and flood result from global warming.

Is America doing anything to prevent catastrophic climate change? No.

Child obesity means the next generation won’t live as long as their parents, warns NBC’s resident ‘medical expert’, insisting:

“Brian, something must be done now!” Cue lowered eyelids from the anchor.

Fat kids have been around in America for a generation, in fact, almost as far back as 1940 when Dick and Mac McDonald opened their first restaurant. Of course, you can’t blame old Dick and Mac. They didn’t realize the consequences of their actions would send thousands of American kids to an early grave. That would be akin to blaming Henry Ford for global warming.

Responsible nations can look after their younger generations by legislating against too much fatty, unhealthy food in school diets, and pressuring corporations that run poison parlors on Main Street to provide healthier, more wholesome food. Of course, governments only do that when they in turn are pressured by their citizens. It seems America’s citizens would rather watch their kids die of diabetes and premature heart disease, than upset the corporate boardrooms.

Brian William’s vocal tones sank even lower with the latest report from the Government Accountability Office stating a catastrophic accident was bound to happen soon at an American airport, given the state of the national air traffic control system. One Congressman almost wept as he muttered, “The FAA has let us down….sob…”

What a total load of balderdash! The FAA is a US government department. That’s why the report came from the Government Accountability Office. The US ATC systems have been broken for years, with the full knowledge of Congress and the president. The old farts have done nothing to force the FAA into upgrading and improving the system. They could start by awarding them some money to do it with.

Yet, is it an election issue? Are the people demanding safer air ways?

No. They’re more concerned as to whether Hilary Clinton is religious enough, or if Barack Obama’s truly a Christian, or a cleverly closeted Muslim.

That’s what inflames the American people.

They can be gunned down in droves, incinerated or drowned, fall out of the skies from forty thousand feet, and let their kids stuff themselves till they burst like over-inflated pumpkins, but elect a politician who doesn’t say his prayers every night?


Meanwhile, Brian Williams is cosseting his vocal chords and plucking his eyebrows, ready for tomorrow night’s lugubrious performance.

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10 Replies to “Nothing Gets Done In America”

  1. We never watch TV news and seldom listen to radio news either (except if the weather turns dangerous around here – tornadoes ice storms etc. – both are very good in those circumstances, gotta give ’em that!)

    Ordinary daily TV and radio news is just too damned annoying and depressing, so we graze around the internet instead.

    You’re right about the state of affairs here, though. nothing much matters except religion, what ‘celebrities’ are doing, and the price of gas…..oh, and making sure a gun can be bought in WalMart (but not a bottle of whiskey – the very thought!!!).

  2. One group of folks who are strongly opposed to any form of gun control is the Muslim Jihadist.
    In a terrorist training manuals addressed to the “Muslim Brotherhood” they encourage their trainees to take advantage liberal gun laws not only to learning how to use weapons but also on what type of weapons to buy.
    (Apparently the AK 47 is the weapon of choice.)
    Read section 4.5 on “training of firearms”
    The chilling part is that they encourage their brothers to obey the US laws and not to risk imprisonment for illegal weapons possession.
    “Why risk prison when you can buy weapons legally”

  3. Norris, how many Muslim Jihadists in America do you know? What do you know of them, first hand? Or are you simply repeating some rumours, hearsay, Bush maladministration propaganda, mis/dis info or what? But think very carefully before answering.

    RJ, great minds again, eh?

  4. The “news” is full of that shooting. Specials on how to visit the mall safely, what to do when you hear repetitive shots.

    I am neither a gun freak nor an advocate of controls on long guns, but people have to be held responsible for guns they leave assembled, unlocked, with ammo nearby. There is no excuse for this shooter having access to that AK47.

  5. Flimsy – I guess that means you approve!

    Twilight – dangerous weather in Illinois usually means one thing: the power goes off, and with it the TV and local weather channels. If the power stays on, the local weather channel goes out. Seriously, it’s happened so often, we wonder why they bother.

    Vigilante – thank you. I hope the shoulder is healing well.

    norris hall – welcome to Sparrow Chat. Just another reason for serious gun controls. Homeland security spends millions at airports, seaports, etc.. If they just began licensing gun ownership – making owners legally responsible for the security of their firearms, and preventing all and sundry from buying them – they could save themselves a fortune.

    TOB – as always, TOB, as always.

    Jerry – there are 200,000,000 guns in America, belonging to 300,000,000 citizens. Imagine if there were only 200,000, or even just 10,000. People could walk down their streets after dark without fear. A burglar would, at worst, be contemplated as someone with, perhaps, a knife. School massacres, shopping mall slaughterings, would be a thing of the past. People could stop living in fear of each other.

    Isn’t that a true “American Dream” for the 21st century?

  6. RJ, I’m sure you know I was serious when I said ‘great minds again’ and not snarking. While it would be marvelous if there were more sane like-minds, it’s still nice to know that there are still a few of us left.

    O/T 0 Re:Lennon. I honestly can’t swear that the girl in question was Cyn as I can’t remember calling her that. She certainly looked very similar. Maybe she had a nickname?

    As for Gerry & the Pacemakers – ha! Here’s a great true story. The first time I saw them play was at the old Civil Service club, somewhere off Castle St (under one of the big banks, I think.) Two mates and my self spotted three girls together at a table. Well, we talked our way into being invited to sit with them. We all hit it off good style. We paid for their drinks all night. At the end of the night we asked if we could take them home.

    “Sorry, we can’t,” they said. “We’re with them,” pointing to Gerry & co standing at the bar drinking. The same bar they’d made straight for during their interval as well as at the end of their set – without ever once even acknowledging the girls’ existance.

    The girls weren’t bluffing either, as at that point they joined the boys at the bar.

    I still wonder to this day – was our experience a one off? Or did they have just a good, regular money saving routine?

    (Rambling ends). :^)

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