Let ‘Em Die!

It was only a few weeks ago, on some mountain in America, that a number of climbers lost their lives because they were stupid enough to try ascending to the summit in appalling weather conditions. A whole bevy of rescue workers risked their lives for a week or more trying to save them.

Yesterday, another shower of idiots, out for a stroll on the higher slopes of Mount Hood in a blizzard, fell one hundred feet and had to be rescued by workers risking their own lives to get three of them, and a dog, off the mountain.

I feel it would have been quite in order to rescue the dog – who had no choice about being up there – but, for God’s sake! Come on! Leave the humans to their fate.

Do we really want such lunatics as these in our society? Leave then there! Let them die if they don’t have the sense not to go up in the first place; in the middle of winter; in a blizzard.

What really annoys me is that the rescuers never say a word about how idiotic they’ve been. How they’ve needlessly put others’ lives at risk. Oh no, it’s all macho-type strutting and, “We’ll get ’em down, don’t you worry….”


Except for the poor old dog, of course. Now he deserves to be rescued.

“The most important part of this rescue is that they did everything right,” said Lt. Nick Watt of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office.

Sure, they did everything right – EXCEPT GO UP THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE! They spent so much money on fancy GPS equipment they couldn’t afford a transistor radio to hear a weather forecast before setting off.

I’m not the only cold-hearted bastard around. “Not Your Mama” over at “Coyote Angry” agrees with me. Only, she’s a little less damning than I am.

Oh, and in case anyone thinks I don’t know what I’m talking about. I lived in the mountains for most of my life; walked, climbed, and never had to call for help. Why? Because I took the trouble to watch the weather, and never went up when there might be a need for someone else to risk their necks fetching me down.

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