America – Mind Your Own Damn Business!

Good God! They’re at it again. Poking their stupid fat noses into other people’s business, when they haven’t the commonsense or ability to sort out their own country’s problems.

Yes – I’m talking about America in general, and the US Congress in particular.

The United States Congress has recently passed a resolution calling on Japan to apologize for the country’s use of sex slaves during World War II. No American women were involved. They were mainly Chinese, Korean, Philippine and Indonesian captives.

Why doesn’t America learn to mind its own damn business?

Perhaps the rest of the world should pass a resolution calling on the United States to apologize for the war crimes committed at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

BBC report HERE.

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2 Replies to “America – Mind Your Own Damn Business!”

  1. You just don’t understand. It is our duty to criticize another country, rather than our own. After all, we are leaders of the free world. Any violations of a person’s freedom anywhere in the world must be punished by us.

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