A Message For America

Deep inside Iraq a young woman occasionally finds time to write a blog describing the real truth behind Bush and Blair’s war. It bears little relation to the sanctimonious claptrap issuing from the tainted mouths of those in America and Britain who purport to tell us the ‘truth” about events in Baghdad.

Riverbend, in her latest account, focuses on the story of Sabrine Al-Janabi.

She concludes with these words:

“Americans in America are still debating on the state of the war and occupation- are they winning or losing? Is it better or worse.

Let me clear it up for any moron with lingering doubts: It’s worse. It’s over. You lost. You lost the day your tanks rolled into Baghdad to the cheers of your imported, American-trained monkeys. You lost every single family whose home your soldiers violated. You lost every sane, red-blooded Iraqi when the Abu Ghraib pictures came out and verified your atrocities behind prison walls as well as the ones we see in our streets. You lost when you brought murderers, looters, gangsters and militia heads to power and hailed them as Iraq’s first democratic government. You lost when a gruesome execution was dubbed your biggest accomplishment. You lost the respect and reputation you once had. You lost more than 3000 troops. That is what you lost America. I hope the oil, at least, made it worthwhile.

Read the tale of Sabrine Al-Janabi HERE – and weep. Weep for Sabrine Al-Janabi; weep for Iraq, but above all, weep for what your country has done.

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