Immortality – For The Worst In British Politics

Stalin had one; Lenin had one. There’s even a rumor Robert Mugabe has one. Mussolini had one. We all know Saddam Hussein once had one………and Hitler had a few.

Now, ex-British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has one:


She’s finally joined that elite band of political ne’er-do-wells who were immortalized for posterity – or, at least until times change and the mob drags them over and beats hell out them with their shoes.

This particular icon to right wing monetarist conservatism is cast in bronze. That’s just as well, considering the last statue of Margaret Thatcher –


– was beheaded by an irate theater producer, Paul Kelleher, who attacked this earlier statue in July 2002 with a metal barrier, after his first blow with a concealed cricket bat failed to cause any damage.

When arrested by police, Kelleher said, “I think it looks better like that.”

There were many at the time who agreed with him.

This latest attempt to immortalize the “Iron Lady” should fare better. It is, after all, erected in the lobby of the British Parliament, though there is always the possibility of an undercover attack from the Lid-Dems, or the Greens.

Unveiling the creation yesterday, Thatcher said:

“I might have preferred iron – but bronze will do.”

Some of us agree with her. Iron would certainly have been more suitable – for at least, given time, it might rust away.

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4 Replies to “Immortality – For The Worst In British Politics”

  1. No one admits to voting for this extreme and damaging PM now, but somebody did because she won three elections. Sadly, I voted for her in 83 because I lived in student accommodation with some shits who were also Marxist Historians. I wanted to annul everything they did. I never voted for her again though. I found her comment about ‘iron’ odd. I know she was nicknamed the Iron Lady, but you’d think a grocer’s daughter would know her brass farthings from her old iron. She must be losing her grip. More likely she’s worried that ‘brassy’ means ‘common as muck’.

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