An American Triumph – At Last!

Since its inception, Sparrow Chat has not been kind to America, or life in the US generally. In fact, over the years it’s been utterly scathing of a land that simpers in its own fantasy reflection as “the greatest nation on earth”, while brashly ignoring the reality of its injustices; its underlying poverty; its indifference to the rest of humanity, and its sadly lacking infrastructure when compared to most other industrial nations.

Sparrow Chat owes America an apology. For nearly five years I have been unable to find one aspect of American life I found more appealing than elsewhere. This week, my search has born fruit. At last, I found something uniquely brilliant, hilariously amusing, and unsurpassed in my sixty year’s experience of life on this planet.

Surely, the legal case to determine where the late lamented Anna Nicole should be laid to rest has to be one of American TV’s greatest triumphs.

Judge Larry Seidlin was an actor – tell me he was an actor! This could not have been for real – except in America, of course.

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  1. I saw him crying. Egads. The crap they publicize is worse than the important stories the media chooses to ignore. The best thing they could do for the child is to adopt her out to strangers and take all the money and give it to a prostitute retirement fund.

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