It Passes For News

NBC Nightly News is obviously developing a new theme – optimism. In an effort to spin the Iraq war as “almost won”, they’ve sent Brian Williams to Baghdad for the week, hosting the program from a heavily fortified area of the city.

Determined to present the “true face of safety and security” supposedly settled over Anbar Province, interviews were set up with various members of the military, on an area of open ground, only to require a rapid retreat indoors when word arrived the “enemy” may be about to take pot-shots.

Undaunted, the director cut back to the US and Brian’s alter ego Campbell Brown, who led us through a brand new segment of news entitled, “What it Takes to be Happy” – aptly demonstrated by the announcement that Dick Cheney has deep vein thrombosis and in a deal of pain; though doctors confirm that while the symptoms are similar, there’s no way he can be suffering from “Economy Class Syndrome”.

There followed a brief flirtation between Brian and Dana Priest of the Washington Post, rapidly concluded when Ms Priest informed him she’d received thousands of letters and emails from wounded soldiers in American VA hospitals all over the world, stating that in comparison with their quarters, Walter Reed looked reminiscent of the Waldorf Astoria.

A final brief moment of US camaradie in Baghdad brought the program to its gloriously unsuccessful conclusion, whereupon rumor has it Brian leapt aboard the first helicopter heading for the Green Zone, and downed a large treble Scotch and soda while waiting for his crew to pack their gear and thumb a lift home on the back of a passing Mehdi Army truck.

Nice one – Bwian.

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5 Replies to “It Passes For News”

  1. I watched it last night and totally agree with you. What the hell was that all about? Are they on the white house payroll now? Did Karl Rove direct that segment? I don’t want to believe they have sold their soul, but it sure looked like it.

    Have you booked your vacation trip to Iraq yet?

  2. Thank you for that link to your story. Only someone who has been there would understand and be able to write about it like that. It is indeed a personal horror story for anyone who has lived with an alcoholic. The fear and distrust are the most difficult scar left on those who do.

  3. We should ask you to do a daily accounting of the bizarre entertainment that is sometimes called news. The thing is, many Americans watch that and think it really is catching up on the news and that these people are real journalists. Bah to all of them, but bravo to you!

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