Marijuana Arrests For Year 2005

“Pot Smokers Arrested In America At A Rate Of One Every 40 Seconds”

What a bloody sad indictment of a nation’s political priorities.

How many wasted lives rotting in prison; how many police hours down the drain; how many real criminals undetected?

It begs the question, who is sick? The marijuana smokers or the nation that pursues them so fanatically.

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4 Replies to “Marijuana Arrests For Year 2005”

  1. This is another stupid ‘war’ that we have been engaged in for far too long. How many lives has this war ruined? How much has it cost? Will we ever wake up and stop trying to run people’s lives/

  2. Now that they have outsourced all the prisons, it’s big business and they do need a constant flow of customers. So, why not make something natural illegal.

  3. Drugs would be second only to oil if they were put on the stock market. You can’t tell me lots of big shots don’t have a hand in keeping it illegal so prices stay high. George Carlin says that we could slow the drug business by throwing bankers in jail instead of the users.

    I have no problem with users or growers but I detest all the middle men – assmonkeys all and I am willing to bet the majority hate their customer.

  4. Al -I believe it’s as much about control, as anything. So, no, I doubt the policymakers will ever ‘wake up’, in that sense. Although certain local councils are realizing their police forces are wasting too much time on petty marijuana smokers, and directing that those caught in possession of small amounts receive just a token fine.

    PM – this is true. There is no incentive to keep people out of prison anymore, and a good financial reason to fill them.

    Flimsy – it’s certainly a huge business, and given the ease with which corporations dodge paying taxes, I don’t accept the excuse that this trade must be stopped because it costs the country in taxes. It costs a damn sight more in law enforcement. I agree with you about the middle men, they’re not exactly the prime of society.

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