Iraq: We Won The War. Eh, What War?

This morning gunmen raided a home in the small Shiite area of Baldrouz, north of Baghdad. A poor Sunni family who’d moved to the area to work in the local brick factory were slaughtered. Two men, six women and a little girl were killed. The last two men were taken and the family is gone.

In the south in a town called Suaira in Wasit Province another family met the same fate on Thursday. A man, two women and a little boy were killed.

It’s unclear who did this. Maybe it was revenge, militias, insurgents or a sinister crime. But what is clear that even though things are better they aren’t ok. People are still dying here and they’re killed almost every day.”

From the blog of Leila Fadel, McClatchy’s bureau chief in Baghdad.

Rush Limbough, Bill O’Reilly, and probably NBC’s Brian Williams, don’t give a shit about any of this. All they care is that their cozy, well-fed, little lives aren’t compromised.

Do you?

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3 Replies to “Iraq: We Won The War. Eh, What War?”

  1. What astonishes me, RJA, is that the triple digit IQ reading public are aware of such matters (regularly discussed with my friends as I’m sure you do with yours), we do all the right things, inform others, write to dem’s dat govern us and NOTHING happens. The presstitutes and politicians are bought and paid for. We are all pissing in the wind. What else can we do?

  2. Of course we care – but we are powerless.
    The new administration isn’t powerless.
    Wait a while, give ’em a chance…..And yes, I know that during that waiting time more innocents will die, but there’s nothing WE can do, other than harm ourselves through stressing over it, RJ !

  3. WWW – what more can we do? Nothing more, other than keep writing about it in the hope it sounds a chord with some of the public out there who go through life believing if it’s not on NBC or CNN or FOX, then it isn’t happening.

    Twilight – I agree, stressing does no-one any good. But neither does ignoring the injustices that abound in this world. Even if Obama turns out to be the best US president ever, he will be limited in his abilities by outside forces. Changing public opinion is the best way to solve such problems, not relying on politicians to do it for us. We’re not powerless. The internet has proved itself a great tool for highlighting the deficiencies of the mass media.

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