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A recent report from the New Economics Foundation, a European think-tank, has highlighted the British as “more bored, tired and less likely to know their neighbours than other Europeans”.[1]

Is it any wonder, given the boring, tired, old fart they have to lead them?


According to a spokesman for the New Economics Foundation:

“Governments have lost sight of the fact that their fundamental purpose is to improve the lives of their citizens.”

I wonder how much it cost to figure that one out?

In response, a British government spokeperson said, “the government was trying to engage with young people.”

“The 2007-08 Citizenship Survey – a robust, nationally representative household survey – found that 94% of young people say they feel part of British society.”

Of course they do.

For young people today, being a ‘part of British society’ means going out every night binge drinking, then fighting, mugging an old lady, knifing the odd innocent bystander, or beating up a policeman.

Judging from the reports to be found in most British newspapers of late, that is British society today.

[1] “Britons ‘bored but happy’ – study” BBC, January 24th 2009

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3 Replies to “British Society Today”

  1. That and also going overseas to bother unsuspecting citizens of other countries with their antics you have described.
    Many locals in holiday places dread the arrival of British youngsters. Pub owners have to pay up for repairs the next day of the visit by these idiots.

  2. Oh….what a terrible waste of time, energy and money a report such as that has been. With each conclusion I was inclined to add “DUH!!!”

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