The Worms Are Not For Turning

Ninety-eight percent of all animal species are invertebrates, and the majority are to be found on the North American continent.

Three days in and it’s started already. The vampires of Fox News, the rabid dogs of Republican talk radio, are already joining forces in a desperate attempt to bring the Obama presidency into disrepute.

According to a balding vampire bat hanging in its cave somewhere amidst the Fox News studios, and known when it assumes human form as Bill O’Reilly, American families are in danger because President Obama has signed an order to close the torture chambers of Guantanamo Bay Detention Center.

NBC Nightly News echoed those sentiments tonight with a long-winded segment suggesting that Abdulsalam Ghaithan Mureef al-Shehri, until 2006 a detainee at Guantanamo Bay, had been released only to once again take up with al Qaeda, thus threatening the very fabric of American society.

NBC Nightly News, while doing its utmost to instill doubt into the minds of Americans concerning President Obama’s decision to close the Cuba-based detention center, totally failed to mention that al-Shehri had been released into the custody of one of America’s foremost allies, Saudi Arabia, which had failed to constrain al-Shehri and prevent him from rejoining the terrorist organization. Saudi Arabia was a close confidant of the Bush administration, and the nation that spawned at least eleven of the 9/11 hijackers.

Meanwhile, Republican talk radio, in the guise of the super-moronic and admitted drug-addict, Rush Limbaugh, stated yesterday that he hoped President Obama would fail.

Pause a moment to think deeply about that statement.

Is this the admission of a true US patriot? Limbaugh hopes the President of the United States fails, and by association he hopes his country fails, simply because his party lost the election.

America, you are a nation of failures. You are a nation of failures because you allow such poison to flow unhindered. You are a failure as a community, as a country, as a nation.

Is this really your idea of freedom, America, when those you choose as your political mentors seek the failure of your newly-elected leader, and by consequence the failure of your nation, just because he wears the wrong colored shirt?

You make a mockery of Freedom, America. You hold it up, not as a beacon of Liberty to the world, but as a quarterback’s shirt in a tuppenny-halfpenny football game.

Frankly, if I were Barack Obama, I’d tell you all to go to Hell for allowing such scum to dominate your media. I’d take my family and move somewhere where decency and morality were honestly admired as genuine human traits.

The Dis-United States of America – truly a land of invertebrates.

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4 Replies to “The Worms Are Not For Turning”

  1. True words! I would love Obama to be the Australian, well, Prime Minister I guess seeing as we don’t have a president. I’d clone Obama, and have him a president of many other countries who could use a cool calm hand.
    He has a difficult task ahead of him without these morons, his own people, putting him down and trying to hinder his work even before it started. I really hate those people and what they stand for.
    Invertebrates is a good one. Spineless a perfect fit.

  2. RJ! I share your frustration, but I think you’ve gone overboard here! But you are free to do so.

    Either we have freedom to speak our minds or we don’t – all of us, not just the liberals among us.

    How can you say America fails as a nation when it has just elected Obama by a big majority ? America would have failed if it had elected McCain. His followers can say what they want, and it’s annoying and saddening, but the fact remains, Obama is in the driver’s seat, whatever they wish is irrelevant now.

    Obama wants to unite the country, and it’s a tall order – an impossible one in fact when even his own side won’t give him a fair chance to priove himself.

    More than the Repulicans’ mean spiritedness, I object to the so called “progressives” already whining about what the new Prez is doing or not doing. That gets me far more annoyed than Limaugh’s moronic meanderings.

    But all are free to express themselves as they please. We should be thankful, other wise, you, RJ would priabbly have been deported by now, and we would be the poorer. 😉 😉

  3. Gaye – your present prime minister held lots of promise but is turning into something of a disappointment. I’m rather apprehensive Obama may go the same way. However, he doesn’t need the sniping and insinuating of the worms, whose egos are fed by moronic members of the public blindly agreeing with them.

    Twilight – ‘Overboard’ and ‘deported’ in one comment. Wow! 😉

    Obama was elected on the ruinous record of George W Bush. Even given that, in terms of the popular vote it was a close run thing. Only America’s weird electoral system created the apparent ‘landslide’.

    While I agree everyone has the right to speak their minds, you and I both know that in Britain there are no Rush Limbough’s or Bill O’Reilly’s with the sort of fanatical following they have over here.

    These people do nothing to unite a nation, but everything to split it down the middle.

    ‘Freedom’ does not necessarily mean any nutter can go on the media and spout poison. Minority views have a right to be heard, but not in the way Limbough of O’Reilly spout them, using lies and misrepresentations with no-one to refute them.

    Yes, my post was generalizing, but when a nation allows such malpractice in its media, without complaint, then that nation has failed by virtue of its own complacency.

    Incidentally, I’ve have never been deported, ‘priabbly’ or otherwise. 😉

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