Had Any Good Junk Mail Lately?

What’s been arriving in your mailbox lately? Have you recently noticed an increase in the amount of junk dumped on your property by the US mail person?

Here’s what the US mail delivered to my address today.

(Click image to enlarge)

Yes, that was just today’s mail. I laid it out on the floor of the spare room. It covered approximately ten square feet. In fairness to the postal service, we don’t get this much every day. Usually, the mass junk mail arrives once or twice a week, though at present the political junk is a daily occurrence.

That particular category of offensiveness has never arrived in such quantity before. Given the US Supreme Court’s recent ruling, with regard to corporate political funding, it’s not surprising. They can afford to cut down lots more trees now.

Take a good look at the image. Imagine, if you can, it all multiplied one hundred and twenty-nine million, nine hundred and twenty-five thousand, four hundred and twenty-one times. That’s the number of housing units in the United States, according to the 2009 census.[1]

I wonder if everyone who receives it, does the same as me…….

…….without giving it more than a cursory glance.

[1] “U.S. Census Bureau”

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4 Replies to “Had Any Good Junk Mail Lately?”

  1. I hope that’s your recycling bin there….

    Not sure if you have the same ‘postage paid’ system with junk mail where they want you to actually return something, but in the UK, that gets charged to the company by weight. So – if you happen to have a decent amount of junk mail that’s just hanging around, you can stuff a junk reply paid envelope full, tape it shut, and the company has to pay for it.

    Oh – the things you learn when you are working for a company who sends out junk mail and then has to sort out the responses! (we had to count every piece of reply-paid mail where they’d done similar to the above, and I’d cheer every time it got above 10 a day 🙂 )

    I presume the postie ignores any ‘no junk mail’ signs on your letter-box?

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