A Word To The Wise (The Ignorant Never Listen)

I’m not Mister Keith Olbermann’s number one fan by any means, but the American people are facing a choice on November 2nd like they’ve never faced a choice before.

This time it’s not just about voting Democrat or Republican. Once, it didn’t make that much difference to the way this country is governed. Next Tuesday, it undoubtedly will.

Political extremists – those of the nutty extreme left, or more dangerously fanatical far-right, have always been around on the fringes of the political scene. Every country has its Bob Barr, but only in America are such extremes allowed to develop into serious challenges to democracy, and no more so than today.

The rise of the Tea Party brigade in this nation has been swift, but shallow. Organized and backed by corporate power, it’s a rag-tag conglomerate of right-wing extremism. Normally, such transient political eruptions have all the power of a fart in a tempest, but coming at a time of harsh economic uncertainty, coupled with millions of dollars of corporate money used to spread their half-baked message through the media, the impact of the Tea Party on US politics could prove a greater and longer-lasting catastrophe for this country than 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and the Great Depression, all rolled into one.

Voting any of these fanatics into the halls of political power in Washington will not only play into the grasping hands of a corporate menace hell-bent on enslaving you, but could result in this nation finding itself experiencing the true meaning of living in a Theocracy.

If it does, the American people will only have themselves to blame.

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One Reply to “A Word To The Wise (The Ignorant Never Listen)”

  1. If there were more of what you call “the nutty extreme left” here RJ, we might begin to see the beginnings of a solution.

    Americans don’t know what “left” really means other than having been been taught to be scared of “commies” or “socialists”.

    And so the corporations have achieved a stranglehold and we head back to something akin to what serfdom was in the middle ages – only this time serfdom with technology.

    Olbermann only goes so far – because he’s a serf too, albeit a rich serf, in the pay of a powerful corporation.

    The Tea Party dum-dums are tools of the corporations – clowns to entertain or annoy – or distract – the public while the corporations get on with their evil ways.

    We’re stuck with this scenario until some crisis big enough to bring people to their senses comes along, and a leader strong enough and charismatic enough to lead a leftwing movement appears.

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