Brexit, Trump, Can Theresa May Make It Three Disasters In A Row?

Today, The British go to the polls. Their vote will decide whether their future lies in the rather bleak, isolationist, world being prepared for them by Theresa May and her team, a world very much under the spell of Donald Trump and his insane policies, or, a move back to a saner, more equal world where nations cooperate and work together.

No-one in their right mind could really suggest that Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party, is the most charismatic politician of the day, but he does appear to have that one quality lacking in virtually every modern politician – sincerity. One is left with the feeling he truly cares about ordinary people. Can the same be said for Theresa May?

To describe May as a ‘cold fish’ is sufficient to cause any occupant of a fishmonger’s slab to rise up in fury and demand instant apology. Every word she utters sounds like it’s been torn from the pages of a ‘How To Succeed In Politics By being A Hard-Boiled Bitch’ manual, probably written by Margaret Thatcher in her more senile years. There’s not even a hint of sincerity in her oft-repeated soundbites, and the phrase “strong and stable government” has been used by her so many times in the past few weeks she may even be coming to believe it herself.

It’s likely the Tories will be returned to government. There are sufficient folk in the U.K. doing very nicely under their rule to vote them in again (see: “Spare A Thought For Those Who Drive These…” Sparrow Chat, May 19th 2017).

Sadly, there’s even more doing very badly, and if they all got together and voted according to common sense, May and her tribe would be down the road. It’s not likely to happen, though. Enough of the ‘great unwashed’, as they’re known in right-wing political circles, have been persuaded Brussels is to blame for their plight, Brexit will solve all their problems, and May & Co are the folk who’ll bring it about.

It’s a sad fact of life that those most in need of a more left-wing, socialist, approach to politics will likely prove the very crux of voters who’ll prevent it coming about. It happened with Brexit, it happened with the U.S. election of Donald Trump, and it will most likely happen again today in Britain.

We live in hope, with despair hovering like a Sword of Damocles in the background.

2 Replies to “Brexit, Trump, Can Theresa May Make It Three Disasters In A Row?”

  1. I felt quite uplifted by the election result – serves Ol’ Daisy May right for misjudging the feelings of, what in the USA are termed “deplorables” – those who welcomed Bernie and Trump with open arms in the primaries (even if they were duped by the latter’s chatter). Corbyn in the UK’s Bernie, more or less. He’s in a good place now : can’t be blamed for the disasters looming – from Brexit, but can likely have more influence, much more, than before. Next election, whenever it may be, could tell a rather nice lefty tale!

  2. Let’s hope the Tories are thrown into complete confusion and disarray by this result. Certainly the EU leaders are very happy. Next election? Not right away, I hope!

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