Back Online – Hopefully.

It looks as though, finally, the nasty viruses have been vanquished. While it was relatively easy to wipe the gobbledygook from the core files, today’s hackers invariably leave themselves a ‘back door’ security hole in the website structure, through which they can reinfect at their leisure. Attempting to locate and plug that hole has been a full time job for the past week.

Success is still not certain. No offending code was discovered, despite a long and fastidious search. However, everything was deleted except the bare bones, and replaced with virginal code, plucked fresh from the convent of St WordPress.

Only time will decide whether the effort has borne fruit, or if the vital snippet of offending code has slipped past my vigilance. Please do not hesitate to contact me if your antivirus sounds an alarm while browsing these pages.

And thanks to all of you who were so quick in your support.

One problem remains to be solved: the Sparrow Chat rss2 feed is not being updated by Bloglines. I’ve emailed their service department, but as yet without response. Those of you who use Bloglines as their rss reader, and who’ve noticed a red exclamation mark after the Sparrow Chat feed, might be advised to switch to the standard feed ( by clicking on ‘Add’ at the top of the Bloglines feed page, entering ‘’ in the ‘Blog or Feed URL’ box, and selecting the top option on the resulting page. That one is being updated.

There are times I wish I was an evangelical Christian. Then, I could believe in Hell, and take comfort that the evil scumbags who spawn such web-filth will eventually fry there eternally.

Sadly, I don’t.

NOTE: I’ve deleted the paragraph referencing rss feeds as it now appears none of the Sparrow Chat feeds are working via Bloglines. This will be fixed as soon as possible.

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2 Replies to “Back Online – Hopefully.”

  1. Well done! That sounds like it must have been a pain and a half 🙁

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you’ve cleared them out this time!

  2. I’ll keep my tigers crossed.

    I’m with you….just keeping up with the changes that ISP’s and WSP’s roll out is enough, never mind the bloody hackers.

    Hopefully there is some sort of karma to come for them.

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