Damned Virus Hackers!

Apologies to those who’ve tried to access Sparrow Chat in the last few days. Some members of the loathsome scum club of the internet, “Hackers Anonymous”, with nothing better to do with their time than research new ways to infect websites, managed to penetrate the blog’s defenses causing some downtime while I located and removed the offending intrusion.

Hopefully, all is now well, and thoroughly disinfected.

My thanks to WWW for making me aware of the problem.

While every attempt has been made to remove the virus, with hundreds of files to check it’s easy to overlook something. Please inform me at once, by a comment to this post or by email (top of left sidebar), if your anti-virus software reports anything suspicious while browsing Sparrow Chat.

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4 Replies to “Damned Virus Hackers!”

  1. Mary (not the one that knocked over the pope) – there’s an old Chinese saying: “When releasing a jar of angry wasps, watch out for the one hiding under the lid.”
    I thought I’d got the site cleansed of the filth, only to find they’d sneaked back. It took another two days to smoke them out again.
    Sadly, I don’t even have the satisfaction of knowing I upset someone. These scum-buckets waste their lives away designing digital code-robots to seek vulnerabilities in websites. They release them willy-nilly onto the web and have no idea which sites they’ll attack: any they can break into.
    Some people call them cyber-terrorists – to me they’re just scum. It’s the equivalent of spraying graffiti on a fine building, or dragging a key down the side of someone’s new motor car.
    Hopefully, they’re locked out again – for now.

  2. Oh – that must have been a nasty one RJ !
    There’s a lot of it about, easily picked up when attached to some innocent looking link on google or elsewhere. I had one myself a short time back. My anti-virus hasn’t signalled anything here, so you must have scrubbed it all clean. you can now take off those rubber gloves 🙂

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