Sparrow Chat’s RSS Feeds Are Working Fine

There is nothing wrong with the Sparrow Chat rss feeds. The problem lies with Bloglines. I’ve used Bloglines as my rss reader for years, ever since it became available. In all that time it has never been updated, changed format, or added extra facilities.

I’ve been waiting a week for Bloglines to respond to my emails for technical assistance. Researching the web reveals many others with similar predicaments.

My patience is exhausted. I’ve transferred to the Google reader.[1] It allows for the importing of all the feeds in Bloglines, has a host of facilities unheard of in Bloglines, and once its simple functions have been understood, it’s a joy to use.

Those readers of Sparrow Chat, suffering from the cursed red exclamation mark alongside its feeds, may wish to consider making the switch to Google, or another reader. Google has no cursed red exclamation marks. Sparrow Chat’s feeds work fine in all the other readers I’ve checked out.

Sorry, Bloglines, but so far as I’m concerned, you’re deader than Sparrow Chat’s feeds on your site.

[1] “Google Reader”

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