Afghanistan: The West Has Decided It’s Won


Twelve years of bloodshed in Afghanistan: 2,235 US troops killed; 444 UK troops; 158 French troops; 54 Germans; 53 Italians, and over 300 others slaughtered on the NATO side; 23,500 military wounded; 1,143 contractors killed and over 15,000 wounded; over 10,000 Afghanistan security forces killed and 200 of the Northern Alliance. Afghan civilian casualties number between 12,500 and 15,000.*[1]

Today, NATO handed over responsibility for the security of the whole country to Afghan security forces.

Afghanistan’s puppet president, Hamid Karzai, announced the Taliban would be able to stand for office in forthcoming elections.


In 2001, NATO forces invaded Afghanistan to defeat the Taliban and drive them from the country. In excess of 27,000 lost lives and 40,000 wounded later, the Taliban are to be offered seats in the Afghan government.

According to western politicians and NATO commanders, much progress has been made over the last twelve years. They refrain from detailing said progress.

Perhaps, in their minds, 67,000 lost and ruined lives is their definition of ‘progress’.

[1] “War in Afghanistan (2001 to present)” Wikipedia (*Figures may be approximate)

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  1. Hey, at least the U.S. recently announced that an anti-Taliban movement was growing in Afghanistan right?

    *cricket chirps*


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