Yet Another G8 – Utopia Is Just Around The Corner

It’s G8 summit time again. All our Dear-Leaders are gathered together for another round of inept bargaining under the guise of, “What shall we do about Syria?”

Top class hotels have aired out their finest bed linen, checked their supplies of vintage champagne, and ordered the most chic of Irish ‘colleens of the night’ to comfort those unfortunate Dear-Leaders and their entourage who were forced to leave their loved ones back home in foreign lands.

Am I the only one to note that US ‘intelligence’ suddenly, and conveniently, produced ‘evidence’ of Assad’s chemical weapons use just one week prior to the G8? This, barely a month after the UN reported that chemical weapons had been used – but by the rebels, not the regime.

One of the major discussion subjects we’re not allowed to know much about is the latest EU-US ‘trade’ agreement. Talks have been underway for some time, as have the secretive Trans Pacific Trade Partnership negotiations between the US and Japan, Australia, Peru, Malaysia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Chile, Singapore, Canada, Mexico, and Brunei Darussalam. These discussions have been so secretive that even the US Congress isn’t allowed access, though plenty of high-ranking, corporate, officials are heavily involved.

Europe’s Commission President, Jose Manuel Barroso, dropped a minor faux pas recently when he said, according to a BBC report:

integrating the EU and US economies would not be easy but “we will find convincing answers to legitimate concerns”. [my bold][1]

Integrating? And ‘convincing’ to whom?

The obvious conclusion to be drawn from all these ‘trade’ talks – and, if they’re only about trade, why so secretive? – is that our Dear-Leaders are now wholly hand-in-glove with the multinational corporations and are preparing the way for a handover of power, away from government and toward corporate control of the planet’s populace.

The only area of the globe still in question is the Middle East. Syria was a stable and relatively prosperous nation under Bashar-al-Assad. It’s likely the CIA stirred up the rebellion in that country, as it has done so successfully in other nations – particularly in South America. Assad is no friend of the US, and hence he has to go, even if the end result is a sectarian battlefield similar to that now occurring in Iraq.

Human lives are of little importance when vast new markets are there for the taking. Profits take precedence over people. After all, people are only good for producing and consuming. If they can’t do either, they’re superfluous and a drain on the ‘system’.

It was noteworthy that Dear-Leader Obama’s audience in Belfast today consisted entirely of an invited group of schoolchildren. No-one over eighteen was allowed in. Lots of adoring teenage kids happy in the knowledge the sun shone out of Dear-Leader’s backside; fully confident his winning smile and glib tongue would bring Utopia to them in Ireland. No doubt, it will take more than the three years he has left in office before they begin to realize just how much they were conned out of decent jobs, fair pay, retirement security.

However, in years to come they can find solace in the knowledge they weren’t the only ones to be taken for fools. Talking of the ‘trade’ deal being ‘negotiated’ between the EU and the US, Dear-(totally stupid)-Leader Cameron said:

…a successful agreement would have a greater impact than all other world trade deals put together…He said the pact could create two million jobs, and lead to more choice and lower prices in shops.

“This is a once-in-a-generation prize and we are determined to seize it,” said Mr Cameron.”[1]

It really does sound like Utopia is just around the corner…doesn’t it?

Strange, though, our Dear-Leaders appear to have totally forgotten the one subject that once dominated G8 summits…

…whatever has happened to the vexed question of ‘climate change’?

[1] “EU and US ‘in biggest trade deal'” BBC, June 17th 2013