A Last Word On The British General Election – At Least, Till May 8th.

To the British electorate: Congratulations!

Well done!

You must go down in history as the greatest bunch of ditheringly inept plonkers since Zafar the ditherer, and he was the last Mughal emperor of India.

Faced with two of the most corrupt and incompetent political parties ever to soil the chambers of Parliament; disillusioned with a political system that has favored peerage and title since its inception in 1295, the good citizens of the not-so-United Kingdom couldn’t decide what to do when it came to voting them out of office, so did what it always does at such times – it voted them back in again.

The two ‘major’ parties (who acquired that adjective solely because they keep telling the electorate they’re the only one’s to vote for) now find they’ve not enough seats to form a government, so must go a’courtin’ the ‘minor’ parties for a deal that will provide sufficient coalition politicians to form a working majority.

Had the populace voted with their brains, rather than their bone-head skulls, they could have flooded Parliament with minority party politicians and broken the Tory/Labour stranglehold on government once and for all.

The Lib Dems, Green Party, UKIP, and a host of other minority groups could have brought true representation to the British governing body by exerting pressure on the main parties to do what they’ve stubbornly refused to do, ever – change the system and adopt proportional voting representation.

In this election, the Tories won only 36% of the vote – barely a third, yet they secured 306 of the 650 seats in the House of Commons, and are the party most likely to lead the next government. Labour won 258 seats, but on only 29% of the vote, and the Liberal Democrats secured 23% – nearly a quarter of all votes – yet hold merely 57 seats.

Do the maths – something is very wrong.

Coalition governments that are run on proportional representation, tend to work much more effectively than the self-styled majority governments of the larger parties. Many European countries function well with this system.

The British, along with their counterparts in the US, have been brainwashed into believing it’s a ‘terrible thing’ that will lead to economic and social disaster. The truth is, coalition governments make it harder for the corporate masters in charge to push through legislation good for themselves, but bad for the environment and the people, if minority parties without vested corporate interests can step in and block it.

The Liberal Democrats received a huge boost in popularity after the first televised ‘Leader’s Debate’, when Nick Clegg performed well. They were ahead of Labour and nipping at Tory frockcoats in most opinion polls. On the night, though, their new found friends deserted them for the ‘safer bet’, which was, as always, “…the party me Da’ an’ Granda’ voted fer…”

Sadly, one of those parties has sold “Da’ an’ Granda'” down the river since 1996, and the other still resides in the nineteenth century, when the Lord of the Manor ruled, peasants tugged their forelocks and gave up their daughters.

“Better the Devil you know, than the one you don’t know,” may be an old adage, but its meaning hasn’t changed over the years.

Apply it to politics, and you’ll always be beholden to the Devil.

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6 Replies to “A Last Word On The British General Election – At Least, Till May 8th.”

  1. RJ: what a great article! I totally agree with you…. most people I know who are on the left of the dial still voted for that corrupt and sold out party called the labor party under the illusion of “it is the lesser of two evils”…. It is exactly that sort of mentality that keep the same old b@#^&ds in power…. as you well know, we have the exact same problem here in the good old US of A….

  2. Good one RJ! But then, they all are. 🙂

    It was too much to hope that the Great British Unwashed would come to their senses and vote 3rd, 4th or 5th party. I suppose nobody had properly explained to them what doing so in large numbers could have meant.

    I think you should go back (with Mrs. RJ of course and a hefty soapbox) and enlighten them all in time the the next round. Which won’t be long in coming I suspect.

  3. I just wonder whether there will be any formal challenges to the “lock outs” and for the people who didn’t get their postal votes (no ex-pats in Australia or NZ got them in time to send them back before the closing date), or all the postal votes which got lost for people within the UK.

    The only decent thing that may come out of the whole sorry mess is that I believe the Lib Dems are going to insist on a referendum on PR as a condition of assisting either party on the hung parliament. Whether that will then get through, I don’t know (it will probably depend on who writes the referendum question, given how notorious they are for leading the voter down to one answer…), but I hope that people would be able to see that it is a fairer system.

    And I think the whole reason that “people” tend to weep and wail at the whole coalition government / hung parliament thing is that it stops favouring the rich and the powerful, and stops damaging laws being pushed through using three line whips and allows MPs to actually represent the people that voted them in, rather than the big businesses that are paying the parties to be in power.

  4. Doncha just about give up on this whole human race experiment?
    What a big flipping FAIL it is.
    Nothing can stop us voting for these troughers.

  5. Nevin – there is, indeed, a similar problem in the US – only far worse. The ‘third party’ in politics here is the ‘Corporate Party’, a very powerful body that runs with the Republicans while simultaneously seeking to influence many Democrat politicians. They’ve managed to create the equivalent of a ‘hung parliament’ by corruptly utilizing procedures originally designed for the exact opposite purpose i.e. the filibuster.

    Twilight – my soapbox is permanently retired, I’m afraid. Banging this old head against the proverbial brick wall is now very much limited to Sparrow Chat. 😉

    Jo – you’re well placed to view the advantages of proportional representation. The NZ government has been working that system since (I think) the mid-nineties. Most Kiwis are very satisfied with it, and politicians in general agree it works well.
    In Britain, the Tories are the real blockers of PR. They know, if it was introduced, they’d probably never hold power again. David Cameron won’t agree to it, so it’ll be interesting to see the measure of Clegg, whether he holds his ground or caves on PR, seduced by other ‘sweeteners’ from the Cameron camp.

    With regard to the ‘cock-ups’ in the voting system, you can call me an old conspiracy theorist but I’ve never known a British election before that created such voting turmoil. Interestingly, over the last few years a similar situation has occurred during US elections also. Coincidence?

    WWW – I gave up on the ‘whole human race experiment’ a long time ago. These days I just spend my time sitting on the Moon, objectively viewing the implosion of this planet and the curious self-destruct mechanisms of its master-species.

  6. There is another viewpoint RJ.

    We weren’t voting for a Government as it is now in Brussels not in the UK. It doesn’t really matter who gets into Parliament. And the hung Parliament just demonstrated that most people know that. OUR VOTES DON’T COUNT ANYMORE. It was more a case of I don’t want any of the above (on the ballot paper).

    They may call themselves a Government but they are not in power with the Lisbon Treaty now in place and already ignored in the lastest bailout plan.

    With the latest bailout (illegal under the Lisbon Treaty and constitutionally in Germany and other EU countries) agreed by the EU Finance Ministers to create a $1 trillion fund to prop up the Euro we now have an EU Treasury to administer the money.

    Once that is in place the next step is to give it tax raising powers and the coup is all but over. They already have an EU Army, Flag, Anthem and Foreign Secretary so adding a Chancellor means the great offices of State have already gone elsewhere.

    We have been taken over by economic and political means rather than by the conventional method of going to war. This has been our WW3 and our politicians have already surrended our sovereignty. Just because there are no tanks does not mean that we have not been invaded and occupied.

    With over 85% of legislation now dictated by EU Directives our Parliament is reduced to being no more than a rubber stamping committee of placemen and women. And the Executive is still too powerful in that capacity, Parliament is now almost irrelevant and Cameron with Clegg is doing exactly the same as Blair and Gorden by running the operation through a small clique of chums and cronies. So no change there then.

    I don’t care where they come from whether a 19th century type toff or the backstreets of Kirkcaldy, the end result will be the same. We still have a feudal system though this time our lords and masters are abroad, unelected and entirely unaccountable.

    The only way we will break free of this tyranny is if the Euro collapses. With no money they can do a lot less damage and it will be economics that sets us free again. Like Mother Nature the markets are cyclical and like a balloon the Euro bubble will eventually collapse. The smokescreen is Greece when in fact it is France that has screamed the loudest for the bailout as they are the ones who are bankrupt. They and Germany hold more than 5 times the levels of toxic debt than the rest of the EU.

    Regards from the EUSSR. Rossa

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