Too Fat To Fight

This country is fast becoming as goofy as the cartoons it produces in Hollywood. Hardly a day goes by without yet another ludicrous statement or action, by those one would expect to know better, tipping the balance of national sanity sharply towards stark, staring, madness.

According to the BBC website today, two former chairmen of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff have determined that future Americans will be too fat to fight, thus putting national security at risk.

John Shalikashvili and Hugh Shelton, wrote [in the Washington Post]: “Obesity rates threaten the overall health of America and the future strength of our military.”

“We consider this problem so serious from a national security perspective that we have joined more than 130 other retired generals, admirals and senior military leaders in calling on Congress to pass new child nutrition legislation,” the commanders added.”[1]

Here’s a great idea, guys. Why not load all the bombers and military transports to capacity with fast food from McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, and the other myriad greasy fast food outlets in this nation, fly it across to Afghanistan and drop it on the Taliban.

Keep that up long enough and those bearded religiots would grow so fat they wouldn’t be able to fight anymore.

It’d sure beat Agent Orange.

[1] “US youngsters are too fat to fight, warn generals” BBC, May 1st 2010

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3 Replies to “Too Fat To Fight”

  1. “We consider this problem so serious from a national security perspective…

    Yeah – should have added “we breed ’em only to fight and kill, of course – that’s the only use we have for the young masses.”

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