A Happy New Year To All Spammers, And The Hope They’ll All Get A Proper Job In 2014.

Sparrow Chat appears free of any further spammer intrusions. There were no viruses involved, so contamination of other blogs and websites is not a concern. Their purpose, apart from to cause disruption to others, was only to publicize shady web-links possibly for sex-enhancing Rx drugs, or more likely as a cover for other sites harboring viruses or pornography.

It’s easy to feel hatred and anger towards the poor suckers lured into this pathetic game. Imagine, though, the low mentality and sickness prevalent among these sad human creatures, whose only entertainment is to disrupt the lives and work of others, presumably for nothing more than minor kicks.

While it’s hard to understand what drives spammers – after all, their successes are entirely anonymous – it’s really quite easy to understand the desperation and hollowness of their existence.

It was brought home to me tonight by, once more, the propagandist activities of national news organizations. In this case it was CBS.

New Year’s Eve, yet CBS is more concerned with declaring the stock market a winner for 2013. News cameras on Wall Street evidenced wealthy investors dancing and singing. Of course, CBS was quick to include a happy soon-to-be pensioner rubbing his hands with glee as his financial adviser showed how his portfolio had swollen over the last twelve months.

There was no mention of those millions of Americans with no portfolio. You know who I mean: they work two jobs, live from paycheck to paycheck, always short to pay the monthly bills, buy secondhand clothes, eat out of McDonalds because it’s cheaper than cooking, probably don’t even know what a ‘portfolio’ is, and likely never will.

My son-in-law works two jobs. They’re not crap jobs either. He’s a heating/air conditioning engineer by day. At night, he helps run a State-sponsored shelter for underprivileged teenage boys. His wife works full-time driving retarded adults around, making sure they get fed and have outings that provide interest to their otherwise humdrum lives.

Despite three incomes, they can’t afford a “portfolio” and live paycheck to paycheck, struggling to meet the monthly bills that drop remorselessly into the mailbox.

It’s not just in America such people exist. My own daughter, made redundant when the great corporation, Honeywell, decided to cast off many of its employees, has been unemployed in Britain for two years. The UK government is squeezing its unemployed into a degree of poverty previously unknown in that country since the 1930’s, while welcoming cheap labor from Eastern Europe – Poles, Romanians, Bulgarians – to fill the crap service jobs British people cannot afford to take.

Millions of our fellow human beings in the so-called civilized “Western World” are poverty-stricken, while a relative few enjoy the delights of untold wealth that should, in all fairness, be divided out among those who have nothing.

Socialism is a dirty word in America. It’s rapidly becoming so in Europe, as American corporate influence spreads its filthy tentacles throughout the continent, and further, to Eastern Europe and Asia.

History recalls similar situations reaching back to the Roman Empire and beyond. Many empires have existed through the ages. All have fallen foul of avarice, collapsing in on themselves as the peasantry turned on their leaders with often devastating, bloody, consequences. The French revolution is a prime example.

No-one would wish such dreadful bloodshed to befall Britain or America. Yet it cannot be ruled out unless the politicians wise up to a situation that is entirely their responsibility. Politicians are elected to serve the people, not corpocracy – despite any decision the Supreme Court might declare.

They turn their backs on the electorate at their peril. It’s a lesson the British Parliament and the US Congress have still to learn. Let’s hope they don’t leave it too late.

I began this post discussing spammers and the dire conditions they, and so many others, are living under. Spammers have a chip on their shoulders. They’re anti-social and wish to hit back at a society they believe has abandoned them. Sadly, like so many terrorists, they make the mistake of turning their anger and frustration against their own kind, instead of those truly to blame for their situation.

For that there is no excuse. By all means, be a Robin Hood. Hit the rich where it hurts and help the poor. To attack those little or no better off than you, is surely to attain the lowest level into which human beings can sink.

A Happy New Year to all my readers, and may 2014 bring more humanity into a world that is rapidly starving for the lack of it.

2 Replies to “A Happy New Year To All Spammers, And The Hope They’ll All Get A Proper Job In 2014.”

  1. Good stuff RJ! I’m out of touch completely with the way things are now in the UK – from what you’ve written here things have taken a downward turn in the past 10 years -and they weren’t that great to start with!

    Historically the British government has stepped back from the brink of major popular uprising by allowing at least some of what the people were demanding (e.g. repeal of Corn Laws). Would they still be as wise though? There’s a better chance of it happening there than here, mainly due to the vastness of the USA and size of population in comparison to the UK. Getting “We the People” on the same page here would be just about impossible. Dems blame Repubs, Repubs blame Dems – both ignore, or prefer not to know, who is the true enemy.

    Glad you sorted out the spammers. They’re like irritating fruit gnats and multiply as fast. :-/

  2. End of times as many other bloggers/pundits have it. Fukushima’s detritus has hit California. The planet is devastated. Our population has doubled in the last 20 years. There is not enough and the corporate message is “more”. More Chinese tat, more billions in untaxable profits for the 1%, more gouging of our planet’s crust and sucking off the water.
    Pass the fiddles. We might as well dance.

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