Scumbags At Work

This is a test post to ascertain if certain scum who take a sick pleasure in trying to destroy or deface the work of others are still active on feed readers such as NetVibes and Feedly. The Sparrow Chat website is unaffected, but if you use a feed reader for the latest post you’ll have noticed spam inserted within the post. Please use the website to avoid this petty annoyance, until matters are set to rights.

3 Replies to “Scumbags At Work”

  1. When I commented yesterday a piece of spam had attached itself to my post when I looked at the preview. It didn’t seem to publish though. I don’t use Feedly or Netvibes – don’t even know what they are, so the problem could be wider than you suspect, RJ.

  2. Thanks, Twilight, that might prove useful to know. I’m just testing to see if this comment will show anything when I preview it. No, it didn’t. Which means the hacker likely doesn’t want me to find out about it. Ho hum, this one’s proving a challenge!

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