A Narcissus: Is It Only A Daffodil?

Time and again I have tried to write posts for this blog, only to give up in disgust after a paragraph, or two, or three… Writing is no art for me, but merely a means to speak the thoughts that pervade my mind when accosted by the glaring imperfections of this human species, of which I am not proud to be a part.

In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a beautiful young man who fell in love with his own reflection in a pool. So besotted was he, he found it impossible to leave the pool, and eventually he died.

Yet, in reality, a Narcissus is only a daffodil.


We are the greatest evil to ever befall this planet. And I do not stand aside from that statement, as a lawyer for the prosecution will wipe away the stain of his accused’s misdeeds with a casual swipe of his napkin after dinner. I, you, and every one of us is guilty of the exact same crime against humanity – yes, against ourselves – but, more seriously, against this tiny dot among the heavens we call “home”.

Our crime is greed. It affects us all in equal measure. The 90% who have little, look disdainfully on those with much. Yet, each and every one of those 90% would willingly swap places with the wealthy and powerful, and in so doing become like they – indifferent and contemptuous of the masses they consider beneath them.

There was a time I sought hope in spiritual attainment. Jesus was my savior, then the Buddha, the Higher Self, until finally – nothing. After sixty years of searching, oft believing I had found the answer, eventually realization dawned, and almost with relief, the true facts of life materialized: no God, no afterlife, no pinnacle of creation. Like every other living thing on the planet, we are born, we live, we die.

I am thankful to have finally learned the greatest truth of all. If, for no other reason, than its infinite humbling. There are many who will read these words and think me ‘lost’, my chance for eternal life forever banished. “Whosoever believeth in me shall not die, but have everlasting life.” It may not be a totally accurate quote. It doesn’t matter. It was really only the brainwave of some long forgotten cleric.

The truth is, I no longer wish for eternal life. I’ll be happy to live out my remaining time and at the end, think, “Sufficient unto the moment thereof.” After all, have the ‘believers’ among us ever stopped to consider the reality of Heavenly eternity? Who would want it?

I have a few friends who profess a religious bent. Usually, it’s based on an unreal desire to be reunited with relatives and loved ones, coupled with an insecurity complex that prefers to place the burden of responsibility, when things go wrong, on other shoulders than their own. Divine shoulders: “God works in mysterious ways. Ours is not to reason why.”

At the beginning of this post (assuming it’s ever finished) I stated that the human species was the greatest evil ever to befall this planet we inhabit. In our favor, we cannot help it. All animal life here on Earth exhibits the exact same instinctive responses we do. Our aim, like those of the rabbit, sewer rat, or grizzly bear, is to survive and pass on our genes. To those animals just mentioned it’s fairly straightforward. We make it a little more complex. Rather than kill, or be killed, we’ve devised a complex economic structure to define who is the strongest, the most powerful.

It’s so complex we no longer even recognize it for what it is. And, perhaps, that will prove our greatest mistake. Homo sapiens is so busy pretending to pay homage to its divinities, even to the point of fighting everlasting wars with those who disagree with others’ interpretations of its doctrines, that it no longer can view itself as it truly is.

We are, each and every one of us, a Narcissus of Planet Earth.

But, it’s really not important to anyone, or anything. For, long after this planet has given us up as a bad job, the daffodils will still be blooming.

2 Replies to “A Narcissus: Is It Only A Daffodil?”

  1. Disappointing isn’t it? We had so much promise, but that was once upon a time.

    The way those atoms fused together to form what would eventually become “us”, from the silt and remains of whatever, contained just a wee bit too much of one or more ingredients to make our species a long term prospect for Earth. Maybe, on the next go-around the right combination will conjoin with a better chance of doing it right.

  2. One of your best ever posts, RJA. I concur wholeheartedly as I try and come up with alternative strategies on a more significant level than before for where I live. Harnessing my energy to improve my immediate surroundings. I’ll see how it goes. It is all very good once I don’t get blindsided by the aforementioned greed.

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