A Furry al Qaeda Menace?

NBC Nightly News led tonight with a terror alert in Germany that, according to NBC, was “raising the anxiety level” in Europe. According to NBC (scroll to the video) it was also causing concern in the US that American interests in Germany may be at risk.

There can be no doubt that this is a huge scoop for NBC, as neither the BBC, nor German news agencies have so far picked up on the story, although one is reporting a threat from poisonous caterpillars in the Stuttgart region of Germany. As yet, it is not known whether these are caterpillars affiliated to al Qaeda, or a local group of Islamic pre-pubescent moths acting independently.

As most German newspapers lead today with the story of Angela Merkel’s struggle for agreement in the latest European summit, threats of terrorism are, not simply way down the list, but completely missing from the German press.

There is one other source for this story, however. The New York Times covers it in their “Europe” section.

Obviously, America takes the threat far more seriously than Europe, or even Germany. Or, is it simply that scare tactics are used to better effect on this side of the Atlantic?

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