What’s Wrong With Us?

Why have they made a film about Daniel Pearl’s gruesome murder, and for what reason will millions of people flock to see it?

OK, the film is an adaptation of the book by Pearl’s widow, Mariane, but am I the only one to find such exploitation of grief abominable? It’s not the making of the film that offends me, but the fact that films are made for profit and the producers know in advance that millions will pay to view it.

That fact deeply concerns me. What drives my fellow members of the human race to sit through such intimate agonies in the name of entertainment?

I fear we are very, very sick.

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6 Replies to “What’s Wrong With Us?”

  1. The same thing drives people to slow down on the highway to get a better look at an accident.

    Morbid voyeurism.

    The same thing drives people to watch “reality television.” 🙂 Welcome back, RJ!

  2. We critisize the Romans for their grisley coliseum sports and think ourselves so much superior nowadays, but how many people have to die in one night on the screen before we feel ourselves to be entertained?

  3. Mike – thanks for the welcome. In some ways it’s good to be back. Morbid voyeurism? Yes, I think that’s a pretty exact answer.

    Flimsy – it seems the human race, or at least a certain percentage, thrive on the suffering of their fellows and utilize every medium, be it TV, films, books or internet to satiate their lust for blood and gore.

    Anan – ah, but some would say it is better to satisfy their bloodlust on the screen than in the arena. They overlook the simple fact that bloodlust is bloodlust, however it is satiated. The only way we are superior to the Romans is by our technology.

  4. I hope you’ve recovered from your awful airline experience. I’ve been watching Winged Migration, which is a film about the migration of birds, and thinking that the bird’s way seems like a lot better way to fly than ours.

    As to the Pearl movie, my question is whether they will show the beheading. That might increase sales.

    Let’s face it. Are 5% of the movies made worth seeing?

  5. Al – thanks, I’m now fully recovered. The psychiatric wing of our local hospital did a wonderful job of rehabilitation. On the subject of birds, I hear many zoological gardens have found a new way to prevent their winged exhibits from escaping. Instead of clipping wings, they now indelibly stamp the birds with the logo “United Airlines”, which ensures they are never again able to get off the ground.

    5 percent? Do you have shares in the film industry?

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