Reward For Services Rendered

“Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war.” ~ William Shakespeare (Julius Caesar)

Those readers who remember Sparrow Chat when it was with “Blogger” may recollect a number of articles written two or three years ago, suggesting that Tony Blair would one day be rewarded by George Bush for his faithfulness in dragging Britain into the Iraq quagmire alongside the US. The offer from Bush of a plum job would save poor Tony dragging himself to the Unemployment Office every week to collect his benefits, when the role of British Prime Minister passed into other hands.

At the time, UN Secretary-General seemed a possibility, but that office has now been filled. But, what better position for Mister Blair than the one offered to him this week by the American president – a position with the grand title of “Middle East Special Envoy”.

It’s ideal for Tony Blair, though sadly not for the residents of the Middle East, given that Blair has spent almost his whole period in office bragging of his determination to solve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and bring peace to the region.

Unfortunately for the Palestinians, Blair’s greatest asset is his mouth. In fact, it is his only resource. Ten years on, Blair has had ample opportunity to “put his money where his mouth is”, but the conflict over a Palestinian state remains unresolved and has, in fact, deteriorated drastically since 1997, when Arafat was under increasing pressure from the West and Israel to toe the line and cave in to a “peace process” that would have left the Palestinians with virtually nothing.

Today, the West and Israel have succeeded in splitting the Palestinian factions into warring tribes by backing the weak and corrupt Fatah against the democratically elected Hamas. Fatah President Mahmoud Abbas has recently disbanded the Hamas government and appointed Salam Fayyad as prime minister – a man who won only 2% of the votes in the same election that swept Hamas to victory. Of course, he’s supported by the West and Israel, so it seems irrelevant that his own people have no faith in him whatever.

That the present chaos has been engineered, is without doubt. The government of Hamas, chosen by the Palestinians in free and fair elections, should have received the backing of the West, if not Israel, given George Bush’s crusade to “spread democracy”. Unfortunately, the “democracy” of George W Bush is not true democracy, but American power, and Hamas would be no party to that. Hamas had to go, and the easiest and quickest way was to starve them out. The US, Israel, and the EU conspired to bring down the Hamas government. They had a willing partner in Mahmoud Abbas, who in another era would have been branded a quisling. Abbas and his cronies, like Bush and his, are happy to sell their people down the river just so long as they can cling onto the reins of power.

The plan, it would seem, is a simple one. The weaker and more compliant the Palestinian Authority, the greater the control of Israel. Olmert and Bush need puppets in the Middle East; Abbas and Blair will nicely fit the role.

The overall plot is to subdue the Middle East once and for all. It was this that took the US into Iraq. Eventual subjugation of that country, should it ever happen, would place Iran and Syria in an untenable position, surrounded by US military bases on every side. Iran’s Ahmadinejad is fully aware of the threat, hence the push for nuclear weapons. With only conventional weaponry, Iran has no chance against the mighty forces of the United States, but an atomic bomb would be a certain deterrent.

Preventing Iran achieving that objective is high on the West’s list of priorities. Cheney, the US vice president, is known to be in favor of a military strike. American public opinion is presently making that difficult. It had been expected that Iraq would by now be a US satellite, compliant to American demands. That hasn’t happened, which has set back the neo-con plans and created the need for Bush’s “surge”, an attempt to apply enough military pressure to crush the opposition once and for all. So far, it hasn’t worked.

Will it ever succeed? Unlikely. The original plan, when first conceived by those behind the Project for the New American Century, suffered from a gaping flaw. No-one took account of the Arab mentality. Americans are a mix of many races and cultures, but their nation is barely three hundred years old, and still suffering from an overabundance of patriotism, and homage to dead “heroes”. To understand the Arab, America has to be around another two or three thousand years, for that’s how long the Arab has been fighting for his lands and his existence against almost every conceivable adversary on the face of the planet. Unlike the American, as T.E. Lawrence noted, “death is no grief to the Arab” and his only patriotism is to himself.

Tony Blair will make the perfect mouthpiece for George W Bush and his US backers as their “Special Envoy”, but he will make not one iota of difference to the outcome of this latest conflagration to hit these ancient lands. America believes it has only to use all of its brutish force for no man to stand against it.

It was just such simplistic ideology that eventually doomed the German Third Reich.

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2 Replies to “Reward For Services Rendered”

  1. I think George is dumping Tony on the poor beleaguered Middle East as a way of keeping him quiet on the scam of this war. Tony can now further disgrace the UK and that seems to be his mission as George’s is to disgrace and destroy the US. What a pair!

  2. PM – I note Blair is considering converting to Catholicism once his stint as prime minister is over. Power and piety. Each on its own is bad enough. Together they make an almost evil combination.

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