A Condoleeza-In-The-Box

Ooops! Here we go again. Condoleeza Rice suddenly leaps up like a jack-in-the-box and jets off to Israel for the sixth time this year.

Does she perhaps have a Jewish lover, one must ask; for what other purpose could wrest this woman from her boxed political hibernation of the last few months?

Yet another Israeli/Palestinian “summit” is in the offing and Rice has gone out to ‘prepare the groundwork’. She spends so much time in the Middle East ‘preparing the groundwork’, she should get a job repairing the roads. It might prove more fruitful than her efforts as Secretary of State. Surely Ms Rice must go down in history as the only US Secretary of State never to conclude a deal – anywhere.

Envisage her holding one of those nice orange poles with the circular top – the ones with “STOP” on one side and “SLOW” on the other.

She would surely be perfect for the job. One look would wither most drivers.


“Yer fender wus THAT FAR from ma pole, dick-ead!”

No, I was wrong. It doesn’t bear thinking of. American drivers don’t deserve that.

News of another Arab/Israeli summit is becoming something of a bore. How many have there been since…………1948?

This one is obviously a ploy by the American administration to attempt and draw focus away from the ever-mounting problems in Iraq. It’s a shame, both for ordinary Israelis and Palestinians, to have their hopes raised and then dashed as two nations play at politics with their lives.

Of course, much will be made of it; declarations will be forthcoming, and then the whole thing will break up with the cry that “……progress has been made!” – and matters will return to an exactly similar turbulence as existed before.

When the dust of a hundred departing SUV’s has finally settled over Palestine, the warring and fighting will begin anew, and Condoleeza Rice will return to her box, wriggle herself inside and pull the lid down tight.

Let us hope that this time, something very heavy can be placed on the top.

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