The Antics Of Blackwater

The latest brouhaha relating to this dubious ‘security firm’ in Iraq doesn’t appear to be receiving adequate coverage in the US media. Thankfully, McClatchy Newspaper’s Leila Fadel and Laith Hammoudi from their Baghdad Bureau are able to provide coverage that throws considerable doubt on Blackwater’s ‘official version’.

See link HERE.

Given the downhill slide towards fascism presently being experienced in the US, Blackwater USA is aptly named ‘Bush’s Praetorian Guard’ by Jeremy Scahill of the Nation, in this short YouTube video on the ‘company’.

Leila Fadel’s excellent blog, “Baghdad Observer”, also has an indepth analysis HERE of Iraqi civilian casualties since the war/occupation began.

She cites a new poll carried out by a London-based company, ORB, which estimates a figure as high as 1,220,580 since 2003.

On the subject of Blackwater and the rise of US fascism, read this June 2007 article by Pulitzer prize wining journalist, Chris Hedges, in the Philadelphia Daily News.

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