You Can Die In Three Weeks

American healthcare may be exorbitantly expensive, but it is the best in the world.

Isn’t it?

I’ve just been on the telephone to my family doctor’s office. I wanted to make an appointment. I was told the earliest I can see a “nurse practitioner” is in two days time.

I said I didn’t want a “nurse practitioner”, I wanted to see my family doctor, only to be told the first available appointment was on October 20th – in 22 days time.

Needless to say, I pointed out that if I died in the meantime they needn’t bother sending me a bill for a missed appointment.

Having lived fifty plus years with the UK’s National Health Service – yes, that’s right, the one Americans are so bloody scared of (socialist medicine = witchcraft) – I never had to wait more than three days to see a family doctor, and then I complained bitterly that it was too long. But, at least it didn’t cost me a hundred dollars for the privilege.

This country’s a bloody disgrace.

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2 Replies to “You Can Die In Three Weeks”

  1. That’s terrible, RJ. Same happens here if the doc is on vacation when an appointment is needed. No locums are brought in – patients simply have to wait for the resident doc’s return from his jollies…..or go to the Emergency Room.
    Never happened in the UK, there was always a stand-in locum to deal with patients in their own doc’s absence.

  2. So – what do you do if you need a Dr’s note for being off sick? Is a nurse practitioner allowed to dispense one of those?

    No wonder there are so many complaints in the ambulance / medical blogs that I read about people going straight to the ER or calling 911!

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