Imagine For A Moment…..

…..if Christine O’Donnell and those of her persuasion were to gain the power of government in this country.

This was her on ‘Scarborough Country’ in 2003:

We are told to fear the Iranian regime, and the Taliban. Would a US government run by people like her not be similar to that of Ahmadinejad or Mohammed Omar ?

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2 Replies to “Imagine For A Moment…..”

  1. Why is a crop of demented female politicians suddenly emerging from the woodwork? O’Donnell is just one of that whacky but dangerous group. They must have been energised and encouraged by Palin.

    I hope to goodness that some sanity prevails before Nov. 2012 or it could make the bumpy ride we’re on now look like a wonderfully smooth pleasure trip.

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