Will The Rout Of The England Football Team Ruin Boris Johnson’s Chances Of Becoming Prime Minister?

Ray of Hope

Ray Of Hope

It’s sad state of affairs, but the demise of the England football team from Euro 2016, losing 2-1 to Iceland, and coming so soon on the heels of the referendum’s disastrous result on Thursday, is just too much to bear for many English people.

While British Tory newspapers are still desperately clinging to their support for Boris Johnson to succeed David Cameron as the next Tory leader, it’s becoming obvious that the country, slowly coming to terms with the lies and deceit of the referendum’s ‘Leave’ campaign, is beginning to regret its love affair with Johnson and is turning towards a more acceptable alternative.

Johnson can be blamed for many things, but losing to Iceland in Euro 2016 is hardly the fairest thing to lay at his door. Unfortunately for him, football has a habit of producing the most illogical reactions in people, and for many it must seem inevitable that Boris had a hand in it somewhere.

Who may metamorphose as the alternative to Johnson as Tory leader is yet to be decided, but Home Secretary Teresa May is emerging as a potential front-runner. Many Tory MPs are unhappy with Johnson’s performance during the referendum campaign, and his part in splitting the Tory Party asunder.

The forecasts of David Cameron’s ‘Remain’ camp have come to fruition so rapidly – the suicidal pound, the loss of Britain’s AAA credit rating, racial violence on the streets, coupled with the promises of the ‘Leave’ campaign now being substantially diluted, if not denied, by Gove and Farage, that many Brits who voted for ‘Brexit’ are now bitterly regretting their actions.

The disgrace of the England football team just may, hopefully, prove the straw that breaks Boris Johnson’s political back. It would be deliciously ironic if, after all the lies and deceit he has spouted to the British people, his demise were to be initiated by the one thing he actually had nothing to do with.

4 Replies to “Will The Rout Of The England Football Team Ruin Boris Johnson’s Chances Of Becoming Prime Minister?”

  1. I hadn’t been following football and ignored all headlines on that topic, so didn’t realise this had happened. England’s stars are just not aligned at the moment.

    Jeremy Corbyn has “no confidence” of Labour Party members according to today’s news – so who could lead Labour now? I suppose they’d prefer another neo-liberal Bair-like figure. 🙁 Way to go : backward!

  2. Twilight – England’s football stars certainly weren’t aligned when they were beaten by Iceland – neither were their feet! 😉

    Jeremy Corbyn is still refusing to go, despite a no-confidence vote of 172-40 from Labour MPs, and most of the Shadow Cabinet resigning. I feel some sympathy for him as he has some worthwhile policies, but he utterly failed to rouse the Labour base to remain in the E.U., and he doesn’t have the abilities to be a future Prime Minister.

  3. Masa – I think they’re somewhat torn between relief at finally getting rid of the obnoxious and exceedingly rude Nigel Farage, and a desire to get Britain out as quickly as possible to help prevent prolonged economic uncertainty in the E.U.. It now seems unlikely Britain will go quickly, if indeed they go at all. British politics is in such disorder right now that no-one knows what to do, or how to go about doing whatever it is they’re supposed to do, once they find out what it is they’re supposed to do….if you see what I mean!
    Total disarray!

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