What The Hell Is Happening To British Politics?

Boris Johnson

Britain’s Next Prime Minister? God Forbid!

What is happening to British politics? Watching the BBC News one could be forgiven for thinking the nation was going to hell in a parliamentary meltdown: the Tory vultures are gathering around the not-yet-quite-deceased body of David Cameron, and Labour’s birds of prey (front-runner, the aptly named Angela Eagle) are hovering over their leader, Jeremy Corbyn, waiting the right moment to rip out his liver.

The BBC (more biased by the week) seemed obsessed today with the video clip of David Cameron telling Corbyn, “For Heaven’s sake, go!”[1]

It is, of course, a childish remark one can expect from the weak-chinned Cameron, who hasn’t the guts to lead a small puppy least of all a nation, and handed the most important decision of the century over to a populace totally unable to comprehend the outcome of their decisions. Come back, Pontius Pilate, all is forgiven!

As yet, Corbyn hasn’t “gone.” He’s sticking it out, and that takes guts given the mass of negative propaganda pouring out of the gutter press, including sadly, the Tory-controlled BBC.

In a recent response to a comment on Sparrow Chat, this writer was of the opinion that Corbyn hadn’t the abilities necessary to be a Prime Minister. That could turn out to be true, though in all fairness he doesn’t have much to live up to, at least not since David Lloyd George, and he was prime minister over ninety years ago.

Nevertheless, a study of Corbyn’s policies and beliefs make him the only possible candidate for the job. After all, if most of those who voted ‘Leave’ did so as a protest vote over their feelings of disenfranchisement, as seems to be the case with many, they’ll not get much joy from the rest of the pseudo-aristocratic, hodge-podge, of ex-public school flotsam vying for the position.

Indeed, so large was that section of the British voting populace, that if another referendum was held tomorrow, without the squalid campaigning that characterised the first abortive attempt, around twenty-thirty percent of the first time ‘Leavers’ would be changing their opinions and ‘Remain’ would win the day outright.

Which begs the question: if David Cameron was so keen to keep the country in Europe, why isn’t he using his authority as Prime Minister to declare a second referendum?

We’ve heard much of that phrase from politicians over the last few days, “The British people have spoken,” but it’s fairly meaningless when large numbers of said British people have now admitted they didn’t know what they were talking about.

Parliamentarians are using the referendum result as a free-for-all to gain power. Already the number of Tory would-be-prime ministers is heading towards double figures. Even the scourge of the British NHS, Jeremy Hunt, is threatening to put up for the job. Britain would fare better under Donald Trump. Oh no, sorry, he’s promised to the Americans.

Jeremy Corbyn is the only true Labour socialist left in the running, should there be a general election. He’s clinging to his position like a wounded stag that won’t stop fleeing from the hounds baying at his heels. He may yet outrun them.

It might be better for Britain if he did, but only if those who feel truly disenfranchised have the guts to support him. The British working people have a history of chickening out when it comes to the ballot box. Candidates with a true vision of a socialist Britain inspire for a while, but come election time Joe Public won’t put the ‘X’ where their heart is and settle for another gormless, public-schoolite, with a half-baked degree in philosophy and political science, and no more concern for the needs of the majority than Donald Trump planning another Scottish golf course.

If Britain is destined to leave the European Union it will take more than a half-baked political science degree to negotiate with E.U. leaders. It will take a ton of guts, dogged determination, and a firm commitment to make a better Britain for all its citizens, not just those whose over-healthy incomes are extracted from bleeding dry the ordinary folk who are the true backbone of the nation.

Whatever one may think of his personality, Jeremy Corbyn is the only man standing in political circles at this moment who offers even a vestige of hope of achieving that.

Of course, how long he may remain is just another of those myriad debatable questions that have erupted from “Brexit” to which no-one, inside or outside politics, seems to have an answer.

[1] “David Cameron to Jeremy Corbyn: For heaven’s sake, go” BBC, June 29th 2016

2 Replies to “What The Hell Is Happening To British Politics?”

  1. It’s hard to keep up with the madness isn’t it?
    Boris now steps out of the PM race. It’s a good thing, for Britain in a way, not to have him leading the country – but reflects badly on him personally. He should be “shunned” by all on both sides of the EU in/out issue, and put on a boat to some god-forsaken island inhabited by rabid animals.

    Although Teresa May, who seems likely to take the lead in the PM stakes is ultra-conservative, she at least wasn’t one declaring “Leave”. Maybe she would be able to at least slow the process, if not nix it. She might get on well with Angela Merkel and an ” all girls together” plan, kinder to the UK, could be worked out which would never have happened with Boris in charge.

  2. Twilight – Boris gone is definitely good news, though how his ‘friend’ and co-conspirator in the ‘Leave’ campaign, Michael Gove, can dare to suggest he’s the man for the top job, after stabbing Boris in the back, is quite amazing. You may remember, a few years back when he was Education Secretary he caused a mass walk-out of teachers over his abortive plans to do away with GCSEs, and rewrite the curriculum to include creationism. Yes, he’s another religious nutter.

    I’m loathe to agree with you regarding Theresa May, though given the dire circumstances I probably do. As you rightly point out she’s ultra-conservative, but maybe that’s what Britain needs to hold it together at this time. There’s certainly no-one else that could do that among the bevy of Tory burks desperately hoping for a power grab out of this dreadful situation.
    I understand the Germans like May and are comparing her to Merkel.

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