Wi-Fi At Last!

Finally, I have decent internet and a Wi-Fi connection. Today, I have moved from the Barmouth estuary to Colwyn Bay, a town on the resort coast of North Wales and home of my ninety-two year old father. After a long day with him reminiscing over his near-century of life, I am now ensconced in the room of a hotel with Wi-Fi.

It’s been a strenuous week, walking every day over many old, and some new, trails around the ancient twelfth-century market town of Dolgellau (pronounced doll-geth-lee) and the nearby ex-port, now seaside resort, of Barmouth.

It’s late, and the day was exhausting, so I will leave you with just one, rather stormy, view from my week:


Sadly, I leave my hotel early tomorrow, so there will likely be no more wi-fi until I return home on Monday. Unless, of course, there is a flight delay from O’Hare.

But that never happens…….does it?

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3 Replies to “Wi-Fi At Last!”

  1. Ohhhh! Look at that beautiful scenery. It will be a real shock to be plunked down in Ohare after that. Soak up all that cool, moist air and come back refreshed.

  2. PM – wonderfully refreshing cool, moist air! Maybe I’ll stay forever.

    Welsh Dave – “lee” or “lie”, dependent on the dialect, look you.

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