O’Hare Again, Naturally!

In the wake of a fairly normal and uneventful flight from Manchester, England, I now find myself marooned at that most favorite of RJ’s airports, Chicago O’Hare. After traveling 4,000 miles across the Atlantic smoothly and efficiently, I am now just twenty minutes from home – by air – and the flight I was due to take at 4.47 has, so I am informed by the disinterested United Airways’ staff, been put back two and half hours due to “weather”, and will now depart at 7.17pm.

It never ceases to amaze how this thin veneer of eternal chronological accuracy covers a multitude of inefficiencies, in what must surely be an airline that rates as the greatest dinosaur in the industry. Not content with “7.15” or even “7.20”, United Airways keeps up its pretense by claiming “7.17” as the moment UA7309 will finally lift into the skies.

Of course, we all know it won’t. If it takes off at all, which is by no means predetermined, it will be at anytime other than 7.17.

O’Hare and United Airways – a combination creating the ultimate in frustration.

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2 Replies to “O’Hare Again, Naturally!”

  1. PM – no PM, still at O’Hare. If you were to look in the rest area next to gate F1, Terminal 2, you’d see a skeleton sitting with a rusted laptop computer on its bony knees. That was me!

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