Which Team Do You Support?

I’m tired of reading the same old drivel from left-leaning websites. Take “Common Dreams’, for instance, or ‘FAIR’. Every week a synopsis of their latest articles appears in my email inbox. I open them up, and what do I find?

The exact same stuff I got last week, and the week before, and the week before that…

Oh, sure, the titles change, and even the writers, but the content never varies. Anti-right wing rhetoric reigns, okay!

Why do they bother? Do they think they’re actually informing us? Their only readers are people the right-wing media define as ‘leftists’. ‘Common Dreams’ and ‘FAIR’ are preaching to the already converted.

Do they truly believe the rampant right of the Tea Party faithful are slavering at the mouth every week in eager anticipation of the latest offerings from CD or FAIR?

Similar stuff is churned out by the left-wing media channels every night. Does anyone manage to sit through a whole evening of MSNBC, without turning to drink?

But, I hear you cry, what about the stuff peddled by Fox News and others of its right-wing ilk? Isn’t that just as bad?

Of course it is. Only someone three nuts short of a spanner would argue it wasn’t. Just as many Americans tune in diligently to the words of O’Reilly, Cavuto, or Wallace, as are mesmerized by Lawrence, Maddow, or Schultz.

The problem is that supporters never have any interest in what the ‘other’ side is saying. They’re faithful only to their own team. The consequence, at least where political issues are concerned, is that neither side gets any useful education, only more and more indoctrination.

The competitiveness bred into Americans, and fostered throughout their school years, has been cleverly manipulated to develop a ‘team syndrome’ that firmly establishes two distinct political camps.

Like a ball game, supporters of each side occupy separate areas of the ground and taunt each other, cheering on their own side while booing the opposition.

The end result is ignorance of the true political scene and, in particular, how the country is run. Nowhere is this ‘team syndrome’ more obvious than on the issue of healthcare. Supporters of the political right, even those in the most dire need, are prepared to give up any chance of affordable healthcare rather than be unfaithful to the political party they’ve always supported.

Alexander Pope told us ‘a little learning is a dangerous thing’, but his poem failed to point out that no learning at all is way more foolhardy.

Until Americans stop slouching on their sofas all evening absorbing the doctrines of Fox or MSNBC, and began to properly educate themselves on just what their elected leaders are doing to their country, the only winners will be the media bosses, wealthy politicians, and those well-rewarded for spending their time ‘educating’ us as to how awful the other ‘team’ is.

2 Replies to “Which Team Do You Support?”

  1. Yes, yes, and yes RJ! I’ve said similar things myself, though not as eloquently. 🙂

    However, one wee quibble – with regard to Common Dreams. The articles or a good proportion of them are written by deluded elitist Democrat establishment journalists clingling to the idea that Obama is going to morph into a people-loving people-helping Prez in a second term. They’ll list his faults, but still cling to the idea that he is the lesser evil, so the underlying message is “vote Obama”.

    BUT if you read the comments – read ’em first even, and there’s a core of educated individuals who realise exactly what’s going on. I read CD for the comments, other than the occasional piece by D.M. Green (which I mentioned to you today on my blog)

  2. Yes, RJA, I agree with you. The only comments I tend to pay attention to are those of my fellow citizens who are outraged at our democracy removal in Canada, the refusal of prosecution for stolen elections and the increasing secrecy laws to prevent the press asking questions deemed ‘dangerous’ to national security.

    Sound familiar?

    They are all the same.


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