No Executive Order For Yasmin, Elizabeth, And Vicente.

For 12-year-old Yasmin, 10-year-old Elizabeth, and 8-year-old Vicente Herrara, US President Barack Obama’s latest attempt to secure the Latino vote will make no difference whatever.[1]

Along with approximately two thousand other children – all US citizens – the president’s latest ‘executive order’, allowing illegal immigrants between the age of 16 and 30 to remain in the United States, provided they’ve been here at least five years, does not apply to them. Not only are they too young to be affected by the order, but they’ve already been deported to Mexico.

Sparrow Chat recently highlighted the plight of children like Yasmin, Elizabeth, and Vicente, following a somewhat unsympathetic report by the CBS Evening News.[2]

This latest executive order is Obama’s 129th of his presidency. We haven’t heard very much about the others, but a perfunctory glance at the list clarifies why. The vast majority don’t appear worthy of the paper they were written on.[3]

This one is different. There’s an election in the offing. ‘Executive Order number one hundred and twenty-nine’ is nothing more or less than a piece of blatant electioneering. The incumbent needs the Latino vote if he has any hope of holding onto the White House. This little piece of bribery may well secure those votes.

It’s a pity he’s not prepared to allow the return of two thousand US kids exiled to Mexico. Of course, that would mean allowing their parents to return also, and that could lose him votes from states bordering on Mexico. So, no chance. Yasmin, Elizabeth, and Vicente remain stuck in a strange land where they don’t belong, with a language they don’t understand, trying to get an education in schools where the only language they do understand is not spoken.

President Barack Obama could have signed an executive order giving the parents of US citizens the right to live in the United States. Is that asking too much? He could have signed an executive order closing the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, as he promised to do. Was that asking too much? He could have signed an executive order mandating a public option for healthcare, as he promised to provide. Was that asking too much?

In fact, he could have signed executive orders for lots of things the Republican leadership have blocked in the House, but he didn’t. Instead, he cow-towed to McConnell and Boehner, gave in to their demands and got nothing back in return.

Instead of honoring his promises to the people who voted him into office, he turned himself into a George W Bush on steroids, even to the extent of taking a personal decision as to who would live and who would die in the next drone strike.

It would seem his greatest asset is his ability to sing and dance. He would have made a great entertainer. It’s not too late. A second career, perhaps, if the present one drifts down the tubes after November?

No doubt, Yasmin, Elizabeth, Vicente, and one thousand nine hundred and ninety-seven other young, exiled, US citizens would be happy to sit in the audience and applaud an ex-president who can tell a joke and sing a song – in the unlikely event there is ever a future US president with sufficient compassion to place their happiness and welfare above a selfish desire to secure a few more votes.

[1] “Obama ends young migrant deportations” BBC, June 15th 2012

[2] “America – Something Is Sadly Lacking’ Sparrow Chat, May 8th 2012

[3] “Current List of President Obama’s Executive Orders”

3 Replies to “No Executive Order For Yasmin, Elizabeth, And Vicente.”

  1. Hear hear!
    There’s no guarantee though, is there that even this “sop” to Latino voters will actually be acted upon? Congress will have to approve it sooner or later won’t they? As in O’s recent declaration about gay marriage – it’s more a case of mealy-mouthed campaign-style pandering.

    His declaration to seniors that they shouldn’t worry about losing any part of Social Security is now imminent.

    And….groan….your sidebar piece on drones. I can’t bear to think about that horror for long before BP goes up. If he’d declare drones unconstitutional and a blot upon the USA’s character I’d even consider voting for him in November. No chance.

  2. We have our own troubles here of which I’ll be writing about soon, RJA.

    I have zero respect for this pandering, softpedalling Hopey Changey Lightbringer. He has been Bush 2 on steroids as you so aptly put it. He seems to owe his puppeteers big time.

    And as they say about the USA elections, women will decide them due to the erosion of their rights and the anger underneath it.

    Wouldn’t hold my breath though. People are too busy trying to put a living together with the shrinking economy and their dollar worth only 60 cents of what every man makes.

    Dark ages indeed.


  3. Twilight – as I understand Presidential ‘executive orders’, Congress can overturn them but it requires a 2/3 majority to do so. Usually, they stand while the incumbent remains in office but can be revoked by an incoming president.

    No way will Obama declare drones unconstitutional. He has drastically increased their military use since GWB, and personally decides who will be the next victim.

    WWW – you do have your own troubles in Canada. Europe is similarly placed. There’s a move afoot, almost certainly instigated by the US of A, to turn Europe into the US of E. Corporate interests are poised to pounce like jackals on an unsuspecting rabbit. Look out for your National Health Service. Cameron and his cronies are dedicated to selling the UK NHS to US insurance companies. The process is well under way.

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