Where Skunk Meets Slime

There a vile, pungent odor drifting across the globe. It begins somewhere up in the far reaches of Alaska. It’s nauseating stench permeates around the Golan Heights, across the West Bank, and finds its way into every Palestinian home that borders onto territory Israel claims to be its own.

Israel has a new secret weapon. They call it “Skunk”. Tired of shooting Palestinians who dare to oppose the mighty Israeli army and its ubiquitous invasion of their lands, Israeli scientists have now come up with the most vile, disgusting liquid imaginable. Claimed to be “organic”, and therefore “harmless”, when sprayed on individuals, the pungent odor adheres to its victim for days, defies washing off, and creates misery for the victims and their families.

So powerful is this concoction, Israel is considering selling it to law enforcement agencies overseas as an effective method of crowd control.[1]

The stench of “Skunk” is spreading across the globe. How long before we see this nauseating weapon used on protesters in New York, or Washington, or London?

The equally ubiquitous Sarah Palin was once again proving how unsuited she is for the job of Vice President this week, when after her débâcle in the VP debate, she set out on a campaigning tour of Colorado and California. Her first message to the good people of those states was to accuse her Democratic opponent, Barack Obama, of domestic terrorism back in the late 1960’s.

Linking him to an organization known as the “Weathermen”, she said:

““Our opponent … is someone who sees America it seems as being so imperfect that he’s palling around with terrorists who would target their own country…..” [2]

Being the cold, calculating, slimeball that she is, Sarah Palin failed to point out that the organization to which she was referring, the “Weathermen”, only existed between 1969 and 1974. Obama was eight years old at the time of its inception, and only thirteen when it was disbanded.

The information she has obtained, results from newspaper articles claiming an association between Obama and Bill Ayers, one of the original founders of the “Weathermen”, but now a Distinguished Professor of Education at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

It’s doubtful that Sarah Palin hobnobs with any Distinguished Professors of anything. Judging by her record to date, she has little intellectual ability beyond a capacity for memorizing sound-bites and waffling around issues she knows nothing about.

The use of lies, to formulate political slime designed to score points against an adversary, is despicable. In many ways, it’s comparable to the Israeli’s new “Skunk” weapon. Both aim to saturate their opponents with an obnoxious odor designed to turn others against them, with no recourse to the basic questions of right and wrong.

There’s a vile, pungent odor drifting across the globe. It emanates from a place where the slime-balls of US Republican politics meet the “Skunk” of their Israeli counterparts.

[1] “New Israeli weapon kicks up stink” BBC, October 2nd 2008

[2] “Palin: Obama ‘palling around with terrorists'” CSM, October 5th 2008

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3 Replies to “Where Skunk Meets Slime”

  1. I can imagine just how nasty “Skunk” smells – I well remember the stench of pig-slurry sprayed on fields as a fertilizer back in my native East Yorkshire. It could make one vomit! Even so, I suppose being sprayed with “Skunk” is preferable to being clubbed around the body and dragged off by strong-armed soldiers or police. 🙁

    Flalin’ Palin ought to remember, when criticising Obama’s possible early dalliance with anti-American characters, that her husband (and perhaps she herself) supported/supports Alaska’s secession from the United States – how patriotic is that?

  2. Ummm, Let me get this right the quote is “Our opponent is someone who sees America, it seems, as being so imperfect that he’s palling around with terrorists who would target their own country.”

    And it’s from someone who is married to and sleeping with someone who sees America as so imperfect they want to secede from it?

    Ok that makes sense to me.

  3. Twilight – pig slurry is vile. This stuff, apparently, is ten times worse. As for Palin’s dalliance with secession, I’d have thought – this being America – it would have precluded her from seeking office?

    George – welcome. The Republican ticket appears to have lost all credibility this time around, though no doubt there’ll be some to whom it still does make sense. It never ceases to amaze me how twisted and convoluted the human mind can be.

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