Where Is George Bush’s Democracy Now?

While General Petraeus tries to persuade Americans the war in Iraq is being won, the Iraqi people themselves need no US general to help them make up their minds. A thorough and revealing poll of Iraqis organized by the BBC, ABC News, and the Japanese TV company, NHK, illustrates vividly the feelings of the Iraq people towards the invaders, their “surge”, and whether they should stay or go.

Anyone who has followed the Iraq bloggers during the war is better informed than most of the true situation in that country. One of the best was Riverbend of the blog, Baghdad Burning. She won awards for her writing, justifiably so, and then, quite suddenly it stopped on April 16th 2007 with a final post informing that she and her family had reluctantly decided to leave Iraq.

Nothing more was heard of Riverbend until just a few days ago, September 6th, when we learned she and her family finally managed to leave Iraq and had arrived safely in Syria.

Almost one in every six Iraqis have fled their homes since America, with the British trotting along behind, invaded that country in 2003. A total of over four million people.

Such figures are not part of General Petraeus’ report.

While we hear daily in the media of the dreadful losses to US troops in the country, and antiwar protesters harangue Congress to “bring the boys back home” to prevent further losses, hardly a soul cries out about the real reason America should get itself out of Iraq; the sheer hell-on-earth suffering it has caused to millions of innocent Iraqi men, women, and children.

If, the BBC/ABC/NHK poll figures are correct, and there seems little doubt they are, then between 70% – 80% of Iraqis believe all American forces should leave the country immediately. Given that George W Bush initially invaded to depose Saddam Hussein and “bring freedom and democracy” to Iraq, should America not then heed the democratic process? Iraqis have spoken, overwhelmingly, in favor of an American withdrawal.

Where is George W Bush’s democracy now?

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5 Replies to “Where Is George Bush’s Democracy Now?”

  1. Silly boy – Bush and his minions say “democracy” but they really mean “capitalism” (Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone-J.M. Keynes). When our oil companies have secure possession of their natural resources, then we will pull back to just maintaining the bases that protect those interests and the people of Iraq be damned.

  2. Me Again: We never leave if we “win” the war. Bases in Germany, Phillipines, Japan and Korea forevermore. None in Vietnam. The only way they can ever get rid of us is to make us lose the war.

  3. I think we’re already too late for that, already building one on the Iraq-Iran border. It’s why I haven’t really been hammering on the subject, it’s pretty much a done deal it’s just that as usual, most of the public hasn’t realized it yet.

  4. Flimsy – darn! And I thought “democracy” and “capitalism” were the same thing. GB says they are. (That George Bush, not Great Britain, by the way). An interesting and accurate observation on American military empire building. The US won’t lose in Iraq. It will subjugate to the extent necessary to maintain its own choice of “democratic” puppet government and allow the oil companies free reign, as you rightly state.

    NYM – the latest American military base in Iraq, just four miles from the Iranian border? It hasn’t exactly hit the US headlines yet, has it?

  5. I thought it had RJ, not really sure but obviously it can’t be much of a “state secret” if I know about it. More like the “secret” base in Jordan that-isn’t-really-all-that-secret.

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