Keeping A-Breast Of The Situation

American ladies, take note! A study last year from a team at Portsmouth University, in Britain, suggests women may be heading for saggy breasts by jogging without suitable bras. Researchers found that when a woman jogs her breasts move in a 3D figure of eight.

Now, being a man, I’m not sure if “3D” refers to the movement, or bra size, but either way it does nothing to keep the average female looking pert, especially as for every mile a woman runs her breasts bounce 148 yards.

According to a BBC report:

“The report found each breast moved independently of the body by an average of 9cm [3.5 inches] for every step taken on the treadmill.

With the average breast weighing between 200 and 300 grams, [8 and 10 ounces] this movement puts great stress on the breast’s fragile support structure…….”

So, take note all you sporty ladies out there. Next time you go jogging make sure you’re well supported. An ordinary bra only reduces bounce by about 38%, but a proper sports bra can decrease the springiness by two-thirds.

Or, as an alternative, there are a plethora of caring males out there always happy to jog alongside and offer a supporting hand, or two.

Well, we can dream, can’t we, lads?

BBC report HERE.

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