What Would Jesus Really Do?

“Wisdom is better than weapons of war. ~ Ecclesiastes 9:18

A not-to-be-missed, hour long ‘special’ on CNN tonight will ask the burning question: “What would Jesus really do?” Pre-program blurb for this foray into Christian hypotheses states:

“The program will consider such issues as whether the war in Iraq has become a holy war, the direction of the Christian political movement, the lingering questions about whether Jesus was married and the connection between the Easter bunny and the resurrection of Jesus.”

Ideologues of the American version of Christianity, Rick Warren, Jerry Falwell, and Paula White will be discussing the burning issues. Anyone in any doubt as to the holy credentials of these stinking rich individuals can check them out at that bastion of truth and logic, The Church Report, which has just published its 2007 list of the fifty most influential (and wealthiest) Christians in America today.

It is interesting – and not a little amusing – to note that George W Bush is listed at No 11, above Rick Warren (16), Paula White (19) and the lowly Jerry Falwell way down at No 40. If this list is a measure of Christianity in America today – God help us all.

The subject matter of this program is strangely mixed. For most of the world, with the exception of the US and parts of the Middle East, the idea that any war can be “holy” went out with WW1. War is unholy, and any other definition is merely politicians justifying their actions.

Why should anyone care if Jesus were married, or not? Would it change one iota his teachings of love and tolerance? As for the Easter bunny, it began as an ancient pagan symbol of fertility, and is now synonymous with the capitalist rape of all things spiritual. Any attempt by this bogus TV panel to disparage the “commercial” aspect of Easter would be hypocritical in the extreme, given their own commercialization of the divinity they profess to represent.

What would Jesus really do if he came back to earth today, in the form Christians believe him to be?

He would demand to be re-crucified. He would demand to be re-crucified on the White House lawn; in Times Square; in the “churches” of Rick Warren, Paula White and Jerry Falwell – and all the others who have corrupted his teachings to their own ends. He would demand to be re-crucified outside the British Houses of Parliament; among the grief-stricken, raped, and starving victims in Darfur and Chad, and then in the center of Baghdad. Finally, He would demand to be re-crucified in Jerusalem, where it all began but has never ended.

At the start of this article I described CNN’s hour long special as “not-to-be-missed”.

I was wrong.

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  1. I wish they would distinguish between Christians and Fake Christians. Maybe we could have some sort of rating system based upon the teachings of their savior. I’m not even thinking of watching that show. Pure Bull!

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