No Throne For Pelosi?

The news recently has been interesting in a number of ways. On the one hand we had George W Bush yesterday telling a closed audience of military personnel and their families, that it was “……..not just the enemy they were fighting in Iraq – but Evil……..”; on the other, Nancy Pelosi was exhibiting a degree of maturity lacking in George W Bush, by engaging “the enemy” in political diplomacy and thus demonstrating that “Evil” was in fact as human as you or I, or for that matter, President al-Assad of Syria.

Never has their been quite such a clear cut illustration of the two faces of America today. George Bush represents the somewhat close-minded, God-fearing, “small town” Americans who, oddly enough, have sacrificed more of their sons and fathers to Bush’s wars – about a fifth of the dead, according to a recent report from the BBC’s James Coomarasamy.

Small town America still believes in “Good” and “Evil”, and views its country as the Light that will eventually overcome Darkness, thus transforming the world into a better and more peaceful place. They close their eyes to the methodology of their president, just as any heavily indoctrinated sect member is blind to the shortcomings of a charismatic leader.

Nancy Pelosi has aptly proved to George Bush that three days of diplomacy can achieve more than five years of war. Talking has to be better than fighting, but to those lacking the necessary skills in verbal communication, fighting usually appears the only alternative, especially so when someone else’s kids are taking and giving the punches. The White House response to Pelosi’s antics surely proves the point. George Bush is only capable of one reaction to any crisis, and that is to bully and threaten. Sadly for him, the historical “Lord Jesus” he professes to worship took a somewhat different view. No wonder the American president is looking more and more bemused by the minute.

If ever there was an advocate for the sane, intellectual face of America, it is surely Nancy Pelosi. US politics are illogical to outsiders, seeming to rely more heavily on vast sums of hard cash rather than common-sense, but given that Pelosi is presently third in line for the presidency, anyone displaying a modicum of sanity and common-sense – whether American or not – must surely be asking why it is Hilary Clinton the Democrats are presently favoring for the White House in 2008?

While George W Bush teeters under a deluge of rationality in the US, across the Atlantic Tony Blair desperately, though unsuccessfully, attempts to wipe Iranian egg from his face after the surprise announcement from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that the fifteen British sailors held for thirteen days were to be released. To suggest that the Iranian president, or perhaps Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, had played a royal flush to Tony Blair’s puny pair of deuces, would be an understatement. While various Western commentators have huffed and puffed in vain attempts to make the Iranian move seem nefarious, the plain fact is that for over a week Iranian TV has displayed pictures of well-fed, contented, smiling British sailors while those same commentators have been accusing the Iranians of “coercing” confessions from the poor British unfortunates.

It’s painfully obvious for all to see that “coercion” belongs in Guantanamo Bay or Abu Ghraib, rather than Tehran – at least in this instance. The British government went to great lengths to convince everyone the Iranians were dead wrong, and the Royal Navy was in Iraqi, rather than Iranian, waters. Later, it was revealed -though not by the politicians – that there is no definitive line between the two nations and, quite likely, the boats had strayed into Iranian territorial waters. Certainly, the lads (and lass) of HMS Cornwall appeared happy to agree with the Iranian view, on worldwide television.

There is an epidemic of lying on both sides of the Atlantic. Politicians, whose words we may once have accepted without question, have now proved over and over again that they are untrustworthy. Lying to the electorate who bestowed them with power illustrates vividly the contempt in which they hold the people. Consequently, the people have lost faith in them.

It is long past time for Tony Blair and George W Bush to face the consequences of their appalling decisions and be sidelined in favor of less self-centered and egoistical characters. In Britain, the choice appears somewhat limited.In America, the best choice – by far – is not even in the running.

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  1. I watched as Blair came forth this AM. He spoke of his happiness at the return of the soldiers only briefly and then went on to the unfortunate deaths of Brits in Iraq, speaking at length and carrying on about the evil terrorists. I think he knew he was upstaged by Iran and wanted to detract from their generosity. As for Pelosi, it is refreshing to have someone of intelligence doing something constructive rather than Bush/Blair destructive actions. There is some hope.

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