What Price McCain?

What is America’s fixation with John McCain? I guess that standing next to his Republican competition in the nomination race illumines him in a rosier light, but honestly, do Americans really want a seventy-two year old has-been as their next president?

Also hard to comprehend is the hero worship. So the guy spent five and a half years banged up in a Vietcong prison; so what? Anywhere but America that would be taken as a sign of failure. If he’d escaped, hacked down twenty of the enemy, stolen a uniform and a Vietcong jeep, then fought his way to the nearest landing strip before hijacking an enemy aircraft and hightailing it back to Arizona, THEN he might be considered a hero.

Okay, I’ll admit there’s an element of facetiousness in that last paragraph. By all accounts McCain is no coward. He even gave up the chance of an early release from prison camp to support other POW’s. But, that, of itself, won’t guarantee he’ll make a good American president.

Despite McCain’s oft quoted “straight-talking” ability, the guy bobs and weaves better than a hunted rabbit. His views on abortion have been up and down more often than a whore’s underwear. Officially, he toes the party line, but in 1999 he admitted ‘Roe v Wade’ should not be repealed.

In 2007 he changed his mind.

He’s been known in the past as a lead sponsor of gun control legislation, yet voted against renewal of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban and the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act.

A recent Washington Times editorial described McCain’s stance-shifting on immigration, thus[1]:

“On illegal immigration, Mr. McCain said that anyone who says he supported amnesty is “a liar” and says he has “never” supported Social Security benefits for illegals. However, in 2006 and 2007, he joined with Ted Kennedy to support Senate bills that would have granted amnesty to millions of illegals. In 2006, Mr. McCain denounced in a floor speech and cast the deciding vote against an amendment by Sen. John Ensign, Nevada Republican, that would have denied Social Security benefits to illegals who work under a Social Security number obtained through identity fraud. He cosponsored the Dream Act providing in-state tuition for illegal-alien college students, but, in the face of intense opposition to the bill from grass-roots conservatives, Mr. McCain announced that he would have voted against the legislation had he been in attendance when it was voted on late last year (he was absent).”

Recently, in a GOP nomination debate, McCain insisted it would be fine if American troops were in Iraq for the next hundred years. He talked of only withdrawing when victory and honor were satisfied. I seem to remember those same arguments used over the Vietnam war. Then, it took another 20,000 or so dead Americans before ‘honor’ and ‘victory’ took a back seat to commonsense.

The sad fact, for people like John McCain, is that there will never be honor or victory for America in Iraq. The US forfeited its right to such eulogy the day it committed an act against international law by carrying out a premeditated strike against another nation; that, without the subsequent war crimes of Abu Ghraib, Fallujah, and numerous other less well publicized atrocities.

John McCain cannot grasp that obvious fact. He fails to move beyond the intransigence of American idealism. He is blinkered, nationalistic, and way too old to learn a better way. McCain’s heart will never accept that an Arab, once he’s had a good dose of US Imperialism, won’t realize how much better off he is.

In this world, that’s a highly dangerous mindset. It’s exactly the mindset of George W Bush.


Given the unknown numbers of whites who truly hate the idea of a black president, and the indeterminate mass of chauvinist male Americans who despise the concept of a woman in ultimate power, what chance next November will produce a Republican President John McCain?

[1] – McCain vs. McCain (Washington Times 01/25/08)

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6 Replies to “What Price McCain?”

  1. What an appalling prospect, RJA, four years of the Bushy Bumboy. He twists and turns more frequently than a windsock.
    Seriously, I’ve often speculated on the fact he could have been mentally damaged way back in his POW days. It could explain his constantly changing stances.

  2. I cannot understand why anyone who has ever participated in war would like it and become a hawk. I agree that being captured does not make you a hero, although I like that he at least talks against torture. The same people who demeaned Kerry’s military service are praising McCains.

    By the way, an efficient whore wouldn’t wear underwear.

  3. I could not countenance 4 years in the USA with McCain (or any Republican) as Prez, RJ. I’m confident there are enough sane people out there who feel the same, and enough who want to feel proud of their country instead of ashamed.
    McCain’s time is long gone, in my opinion. He belongs to the 20th century.

    I think male chauvinism still exists, but mainly in older age groups – likewise racism. Let’s hope enough of the younger age group get out and vote in the general election to counter any negative feeling against either Clinton or Obama.

  4. Like most – probably all – of those running for president McCain will do anything to get the nomination. There was an interesting article in last Sunday’s NY Times where Frank Rich postulated that President McCain may actually be a reality.

  5. Given the unknown numbers of whites who truly hate the idea of a black president, and the indeterminate mass of chauvinist male Americans who despise the concept of a woman in ultimate power

    That’s been on my mind for days. The irony of it is the jabbering about race & gender that I’ve been listening to has been coming from, surprise, surprise, mainly people who call themselves “progressives”.

    I R tiiiiiired of hu-mans.

  6. WWW – mental retardation does seem a prerequisite for the presidency these days.

    Flimsy – I bow to your superior knowledge of a whore’s job description. 😉

    Twilight – those Dems who’ve pledged loyalty to the corporates are in with a chance, so both Obama and Clinton are in the running. Given the opportunity, the rulers prefer a Republican, and McCain is prime for them.

    Al – Unfortunately, I didn’t see that article but I believe McCain is a front runner, not just for the nomination, but for the White House.

    NYM – good to hear from you again, Mama. Interesting, isn’t it, that many will vote for, or against, both Obama and Clinton, not due to policies (we’ve no idea what they are, anyway) but because of race and gender.

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