Vive John Oliver

If there’s one thing truly pleasing about John Oliver’s show, “Last Week Tonight”, it’s his gentle way of easing Americans down to size (and I don’t mean by warning them off Big Macs).

Oliver admits to loving America, and why shouldn’t he?

Just because this writer finds much of it overbearing, arrogant, self-obsessive, given to violence, awash with ghastly smelly stuff that labors under the name of ‘food’, full of bugs – and much bigger things that can eat you – and clumps of semi-derelict buildings colloquially known as ‘towns’, there’s really no reason why every Englishman who comes here should feel the same way.

Tonight he beguiled us with a lesson in remembering that there are other countries out there besides the US, also with presidents. His subject for this show was French president, Francois Hollande:

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Anyone like to hazard a guess how many Americans have never heard of him?

4 Replies to “Vive John Oliver”

  1. Dang – missed it again – I forgot! Thanks for the clip. I’d better not get hooked on his show though, we’re seriously considering now dumping all TV channels (cable and HBO) except the basic broadcast channels and buying one of those top of set boxes so’s to access Netflix, Hulu – etc etc.

  2. Hello.

    I am an American; everything you and Ollie noticed are true.

    They fill me with existential horror. The insects. Gods save us from them. So many of them. A story: I was trying to eat food and smoke weed in my room. As I ate, I had to fight off waves of ants.

    Another story? Going outside practically requires you smoke a cigarette, or every single kind of asshole insect will harrass you to bit.

    I try to point these things out to my fellow Americans, but they just don’t fucking care. They’re obsessed with all kinds of inane, stupid, frivolous things.

  3. Twilight – glad you made the repeat. Bill Maher doesn’t come close. At the moment John Oliver’s show is the only thing keeping HBO on our satellite list.

    Jera – have you considered trying another brand of weed?

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