Tweeting Is Most Popular Among Bird Brains


I don’t ‘tweet’. I don’t do ‘Facebook’. Wild horses wouldn’t drag me into either. Frankly, I believe Twitter is one of the most obscene forms of communication ever invented. It serves very little purpose other than as an ideal medium for cyber-bullying and a platform for that more commonly virulent of low-lifes, the cyber-critic.

These are the people who spend their time homing in on other unfortunate folk who’ve run into difficulties, and then proceed to criticize their actions – as if it were any of their business.

Take the recent case of Charlotte and Eric Kaufman. This couple and their two children set sail from the US en route to the South Seas in their 36-foot sailing yacht. On board were their two daughters, three-year-old Cora, and one-year-old, Kyra.

Kyra had just recovered from salmonella, and was passed as fit to travel by a doctor. Unfortunately, she became ill again when they were nine hundred miles off the Mexican coast. To compound the situation, the yacht developed steerage problems.

The Kaufmann’s did the exact right thing in the circumstances by asking for assistance from the US Coastguard. The California Air National Guard parachuted four rescuers onto the yacht and Kyra’s condition was stabilized. Eventually a US warship was able to attend and take the sick child to a shore-based hospital.

Sadly, for the Kaufmann’s, it would appear from reports that their boat was sunk ‘by the authorities’ because it was taking on water. This was their home. As one who lived afloat for twelve years I feel deeply sorry for them. Maybe they can find another boat and continue their journey. I do hope so.

Meanwhile, the bird brains are filling the internet with their ignorant criticisms of the Kaufmann’s way of life.

It would be very sad if this deluge of opprobrium, ‘tweeted’ from every sad bastard with a Smartphone, condemning these parents for daring to take their young children on the journey of a lifetime, caused them to give up on their trip.

I’m not sure if (anti) social-media like Twitter has created this race of sad, moronic, individuals with no life of their own, whose only sick pleasure is to express their ignorance via arrogant opinions of others they’ve never met, and know nothing about. Or, whether they’ve always existed and only surfaced with the advent of digitized communication.

I fear it is the latter.

There was a time when folk were encouraged to ‘live their dream’. Now, it seems non-conformism is to be condemned.

As one who spent many happy hours sailing small boats on the open sea I can recognize the voices of those who are totally ignorant on the subject. Inevitably, they’re the ones who whine the loudest.

If you’re one of them, my only advice to you is – GET A LIFE! And leave alone others who are making more of an effort at living their’s, than you will ever achieve with yours.

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