Stop Press: Does Bill Maher Clone His Right-Wing Female Panelists?

I really will have to stop watching Bill Maher if he continues to insist on booking women for his panel with voices that can only be described as resembling a recently castrated parrot choking on a walnut.

I have no idea who Carrie Sheffield is, but she’s yet another clone of last week’s, and the previous week’s – except this one is brunette and indoctrinated, rather than the usual blonde (dyed) and, of course, imbued with right-wing ideology.

Carrie Sheffield1

Apparently, Ms Sheffield (there’s a fabulous northern town in Britain which would rapidly disown her) was educated(?) – at Brigham Young University. Do Mormons actually educate their offspring? Does she really believe Joseph Smith was a prophet? If so, is anything she says worth – anything?

She then acquired a Master’s degree in “public policy”(?) from Harvard. Obviously, Daddy was very rich.

I would suggest Ms Sheffield might bear a passing facial resemblance to Morticia Adams of “Adams Family” fame, except I could not be so cruel to the wonderful, and sadly now departed, Carolyn Jones, who played the part so adroightly for many years.

To partner Ms Sheffield on the ‘right’ of his panel, Maher chose a geriatric republican ex-politician whose name escapes me. They made a perfect match.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that while Maher’s quick-fire jokes on the sad decline of the American middle class may be well meaning, the sad fact is that those about whom they were directed are no longer in a position to pay the exorbitant fees demanded by HBO to receive their programming, thus rendering his wit worthless and redundant.

It must be noted that those who laughed the loudest were sitting on the panel. It’s likely every one of them was a millionaire, or, at least well on the way.

One Reply to “Stop Press: Does Bill Maher Clone His Right-Wing Female Panelists?”

  1. His guests are now, almost always, in the category of “Who’s he/she?” in this household.
    Both female voices on Friday’s show hit me like nails on glass – I kept remote in hand and immediately turned down the volume each time either of them spoke. And who the heck was the other, later, guest – Naz ? Why was he there other than to promote something? He added nothing to the conversation, and scarcely looked into the camera once.

    The first guest was worthwhile – other than that – complete waste of time. We’ve been intending to ditch HBO for months, but just never seem to get around to it.

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