Turn Off The Cameras While I Talk Nuclear War

If there’s one thing politicians seem especially good at, its saying something totally different on camera, than they would say, off.

The Pakistan Daily is today reporting that Yuval Rotem, the Israeli ambassador to Australia told a meeting of Sydney’s Jewish Community that his country’s military offensives in Gaza were a “pre-introduction” to tackling the military threat posed by a nuclear-equipped Iran.[1]

Unfortunately, for Rotem, one of Australia’s Seven News reporters, Sarah Cummings, was in the room at the time, unbeknown to the ambassador, and recorded what was said.

According to Cummings:

(He said) the country’s recent military offensives were a preintroduction to the challenge Israel expects from a nuclear-equipped Iran within a year.” [2]

Later, when tackled about his remarks, Ambassador Rotem denied that Israel was planning an attack on Iran, but said the nation needed to be stopped.

Ambassador Rotem’s words clearly demonstrate that Israel cares nothing for the rest of the world, and is willing to provoke a possible nuclear engagement in the Middle East that could well erupt into a third world war.

Perhaps the greatest test of US President Barack Obama, will be whether he allows it to happen.

[1] “Israeli Envoy: Attack on Gaza a ‘Preintroduction’ to Attack on Iran” Pakistan Daily, February 1st 2009

[2] “Iran will soon pose N-threat, says Israel” The Australian, January 31st 2009

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6 Replies to “Turn Off The Cameras While I Talk Nuclear War”

  1. WWW – isn’t it amazing how Barack Obama’s half brother can have a marijuana joint in his pocket in Kenya, and it makes headlines on every media outlet on the planet, yet when an Israeli politician states that the incursion of Gaza was just practice for a forthcoming planned assault on Iran, there’s not so much as a whisper from the major networks?

  2. Very simple explanation: it’s a hoax.

    There is no Sarah Cumming*s* on Channel 7. There is Sarah Cumming, who works in Adelaide and not in Sydney and writes about Great Barrier Reef sort of things.

    And of course, no events are listed on this day on Israeli embassy’s website – from the simple reason that Jewish community event is rarely scheduled on Friday morning.

    Finally, the story is not printed on Channel 7’s website, and first appeared in Iranian media.

    Go on, look it up.

  3. Not Really – there is no evidence whatever to suggest this a hoax. Quite the contrary. I suggest you read (and view) the post above: “Turn Off The Cameras – A Footnote”, prior to any further discussion.

  4. If the story were true, it would still be ridiculous. Attacking Iran is slightly different than attacking Gaza and Lebanon.
    It’s like the US, flush with success from the successful invasions of Grenada and Panama, deciding that invading Iraq would be a cakewalk.

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