A Soupçon Of Humanity

Medal of the week must be awarded to Turkish prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan……


……as the only member of the prestigious Davos Economic Forum with the courage to stand up and tell Israeli president, Shimon Peres, exactly what he thought of the recent Israeli butchery in Gaza.

Turkey has long been a supporter of Israel, but the recent atrocities committed by the Israeli Defense Force, coupled with assertions from Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert, that Israeli soldiers would be protected from prosecution overseas for war crimes, proved too much for the Turkish prime minister, who walked out of the Davos conference after a heated exchange with the Israeli president.[1][1a]

Well done, Mister Erdogan.

Meanwhile, the Western media is promoting the latest round of Iraqi elections as though that nation’s very existence depended on it. After months of “no news” Iraq, the prospect of promoting democracy has once more fanned the flames of media interest, in a desperate bid to further justify the violent Western intervention that tipped Iraq into civil war, and still results in a dozen daily deaths.

McClatchy’s Baghdad Bureau Chief, Leila Fadel, only yesterday wrote a gripping post on her blog, describing the murders of three Iraqi political candidates in one day, and a further two the previous day.[2]

Ordinary Iraqis have little interest in these elections, knowing full well the politicians are only concerned with advancing their own positions. Years of Iraqi democracy have done nothing to improve the power supply, sewage treatment, drinking water availability, or anything else that might make the lives of Iraqis worth living again. All that’s increased in Iraq is inflation, with goods in the shops up to ten times more expensive since Saddam was deposed.

The people of Iraq and Gaza, however, this week suffered problems far less exacting than those of Switzerland, and the pensioners of Britain.

In the Swiss canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden, the locals are fed up with naked ramblers hiking round their mountains, so have introduced fines for being out and about with a rucksack and a bare bottom.[3]

Meanwhile, in Britain, pensioners in Hull, Yorkshire, are up in arms at the audacity of Icelanders who, learning that old Brits are suffering from an unusually hard winter, went on a knitting spree and produced hundreds of thick woolly pullovers as a charitable exercise in keeping old Brits warm.[4]

Needless to say, the old Brits, with their usual antagonistic attitude to foreigners, shrugged off the gesture as condescending, with the response:

“Don’t they know we’ve got central heating?”

I’m so proud to be British.

Amazingly, the world continues to spin on its axis, as though nothing untoward is occurring.

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