Turn Off The Cameras – A Footnote

Further to a post yesterday (see here) regarding the Israeli Ambassador to Australia and his comments on Iran, it was suggested by one commentator that the story was a hoax:

Jewish officials rarely work on Friday mornings; there were no events of this nature listed on the Jewish embassy’s website for that day, and the reporter who broke the story, Sarah Cummings, only works in Adelaide, not Sydney.

Also, according to the commentator, the story first broke on the Iranian media.

This story has broken worldwide. One of the first media outlets to publish was The Australian, in a piece by Angus Hohenboken, a well respected journalist of longstanding. It was a link to that site I used to reference the article.

The commentator may well be right that the Israeli embassy had no listing of this particular meeting, but there seems little doubt that Israeli Ambassador Yuval Rotem was working last Friday:

Until ABC News Australia issues a rebuttal, or the Israeli ambassador sues Channel Seven for deformation of character, I will continue to believe this story is true.

Will you?

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