Here’s A Riddle:

What does this guy……


……have in common with this guy?


The answer is – this:


President Barack Obama’s half brother, George, was arrested in his hometown of Nairobi recently for possessing one joint of marijuana.[1]

Hardly news material designed to set the world alight, but thanks to the news media, it did exactly that.

Meanwhile, the British scum newspaper, “Nudes News of the World”, carried the headline:


And a photo of Olympic gold medallist, Michael Phelps, drawing on a glass bong used to smoke marijuana.

Apparently, Phelps was out partying last November, when some kind individual with a camera decided on an easy way to make lots of money.[2]

All of which proves the news media are total bastards prepared to ruin anyone’s life for a ‘story’; you should never trust anyone you meet at a bong party, and it’s really tough living in a Nairobi slum when your half-bro’s the President of the United States.

[1] “Obama half-brother on drug charge” BBC, January 31st 2009

[2] “What a Dope” News of the World, January 31st 2009

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